Published in Rapport 77 - Winter 2023

Rapport 77 - Winter 2023

In this issue, we feature the next article in the series from Dr Phil Parker ‘Gateway States’ supporting his Masterclass presentation for the 2023 NLP International Conference on ‘Inner Wisdom Techniques’; Florence Madden tell us more about her book ‘The Impact Conundrum’; Eve Menezes-Cunningham explores ‘Social Media Strategy for 2023’; Shelle Rose Charvet shares her insights into ‘Recruitment in 2023 and Beyond’; Katalin Marton tells her story  ‘Coming Home: Growing Towards Our Best World via the Inner Journey’; And Robert Dilts & Ian McDermott explore ‘Awakened Agency: Moving from ‘We’ to ‘Us’ in the next article in their series. Plus all our regular features too.