Rapport 80 Autumn 2023

In this issue, we feature the first in a series of articles by Presenters Penny Tompkins and James Lawley ‘Modelling in the Symbolic Domain: The Art of Clean Language’ ahead of their Masterclass session at the 2024 NLP International Conference on ‘Less is More: A Clean Approach to Mind, Metaphor and Modelling’; Robert Dilts and Mickey Feher share their book ‘The Power of Mindset Change’; Eve Menezes-Cunningham explores ‘The Importance of Downtime and the Default Mode Network’; Joe Cheal shares ‘Developing Coaching Models’ for the Coaching segment; Jan Russell discusses ‘Rocking the Crone: Using NLP to Support Mindful Aging for Women’; Whilst Caroline Martin shares an article on ‘How to Design Your Vision and Align Your Life’ ahead of her virtual workshop in December. Plus all our regular features too.

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