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Meta Model Cards

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For NLP Students, Practitioners and Coaches, these cards are a practical resource for learning and applying this tried & tested model for asking powerful questions and provoking change.

Language is a map which allows us to summarise and generalise our experiences and communicate them to others.  The Meta Model is a series of questions designed to challenge limitations in this mental map.

Identifying generalisations, distortions and deletions:   The cards are colour coded so you can easily learn the 3 main transformative categories

Learning the patterns:  On the front of the card is a description of the pattern, together with an example and a question to challenge the meta-model violation.

Developing flexibility:  On the back of the card is the name of the pattern together with a brief description—use this to generate statements.  If you are practising with someone else—let them come up with an appropriate challenge.

Examples: Each of the patterns has its own card with examples – so you can have even more practice coming up with challenges to the meta-model violations.

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