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Milton Model Cards

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These cards are an invaluable tool for coaches, therapists, trainers and anyone wishing to improve their communication skills.

The Milton Model provides a set of language patterns artful in their vagueness.  Adopting these patterns takes us away from detail and content towards deeper levels of thinking.  It encourages new levels of creativity, the generation of new ideas and solutions to problems.

The front of each card has an example of each of the main patterns together with an explanation of the pattern.

The back of each card has a “template” sentence for each of the patterns.  Develop your fluency by using the phrases one at a time, then pick 4 or 5 cards at random and string the phrases together.

As well as the key language patterns, you have 15 embedded command cards.  These give you a variety of ways to deliver a message or outcome statement whilst avoiding conscious resistance—usually by confusing or distracting the more logical and linear conscious (thinking) mind.

I don’t know how quickly you will master using these cards.  Some people learn the Milton model quickly, and for others it takes hours of fun!

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