Presuppositions of NLP CardsPresuppositions of NLP Cards

Presuppositions of NLP Cards

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For NLP Students, Practitioners and Coaches, these cards are a practical resource for learning and applying the Presuppositions of NLP when working with clients and powerful when used in coaching and NLP sessions where their use can enhance the change process.

The NLP Presuppositions are a set of success beliefs.  Our beliefs drive everything we do, guide our actions and influence our attitude.

To be successful, it is useful to know how successful people get their results—what are they thinking and what do they believe?  The NLP presuppositions are modelled on the beliefs and approaches of some of the world’s most effective therapists and leading thinkers from a variety of fields such as Systems Thinking, Cybernetics, Quantum Thinking and more.

The deck contains instructions for using the cards to “unstick” yourself and exercises to try when working with others to generate fresh perspectives and new insights into an issue or problem.

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