Trainers Megapack by Andy SmithTrainers Megapack by Andy Smith

Trainers Megapack by Andy Smith

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Get all of Andy Smith's products for trainers in one package and make a massive saving!

This mega-pack includes:

- The Trainer's Pack of NLP Exercises - value £149
- The Customisable NLP Practitioner Manual Business Edition - value £149
- The Customisable NLP Practitioner Manual Changework Edition - value £149

PLUS these bonus products:

- 'Practical NLP' e-book - contains many additional exercises based on the NLP Presuppositions (PDF format)

- Outline agenda for a basic 8-day NLP Practitioner course (packaged with the Business Edition manual)

- PowerPoint slides for a 3-day NLP foundation course (43 slides - packaged with the Exercise pack)

- Reproduction licence (Small Business Edition) for the 'Practical EQ' Emotional Intelligence self-assessment - retails at $247 (about £205)

- The Course Profit Calculator - a useful spreadsheet for working out cashflow on your open courses

- 55 Ways to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence tips e-booklet - to give you ideas about how to use NLP in Emotional Intelligence courses

A total value of around £650 - so you save over £370 on what it would cost to buy these products individually!

Note: for easy customisation, the manuals are electronic products in MS Word format. The Trainer's Pack is in PDF format with some handouts in MS Word format.

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