Terms and Conditions of Membership

1. Conditions of Membership

1.1 Code of Ethics

All Members of ANLP are expected to abide by the ANLP Code of Ethics and if applicable, the Code of Ethics for Trainers. If there is any breach of this Code of Ethics, ANLP reserves the right to withdraw membership. 

1.2 Use of the new Membership and Accreditation Logos

All members of ANLP at Professional level or above are entitled to use the Membership logo on their stationery, website and other promotional materials. This is a Membership logo and represents your membership of ANLP.
Under no circumstances should this logo be used to explicitly or implicitly imply any form of Accreditation or third party approval. No ANLP logo should be used on any personal certificates issued by a Member for Trainings or Workshops.
ANLP Accredited Trainers are entitled to use the Accredited logo on their stationery, website and on any promotional materials relating to courses for which they have received accreditation.

The Accreditation logo cannot be included on certificates issued by an Accredited Member for Trainings or Workshops. Purchased ANLP uniquely numbered seals are the only ANLP image which can appear on certificates issued by Accredited Trainers.

The ANLP Accredited logo cannot be used to promote any training or workshop that is not covered by Trainers or Course Accreditation.
ANLP Associate Members and Friends of ANLP are not allowed to use the Membership logo under any circumstances.

1.3 Use of Terms for Membership

To avoid any misrepresentation of qualifications or implied status, Members of ANLP cannot use any letters after their name.  Professional, Coach and Trainer Members can use the following terms, when wishing to declare that they are a Member of ANLP.

•    ANLP Member
•    Member of ANLP
•    ‘Level*’ Member of ANLP (e.g. Professional Member of ANLP)
•    ANLP ‘Level*’ Member (e.g. ANLP Professional Member)

*where ‘level’ is the Membership level stated on your Membership Certificate.

It is also possible for Professional, Coach and Trainer Members to use the Members logo as a visual indicator that they are a Member of ANLP.

Only ANLP Accredited Trainers or Accredited Course Providers can use the following terms, when wishing to represent themselves as members of ANLP

  • ANLP Accredited Trainer 
  • ANLP Recognised Trainer
  • ANLP Approved Trainer
  • Accredited Trainer Member of ANLP 
  • Provider of ANLP Accredited Courses
  • ANLP Accredited Course Provider

In the event that a Member leaves ANLP, all use of logos and membership terms must be removed from all promotional literature, websites and stationery with immediate effect.
If any member wishes to use additional wording or claims, please contact the office for verification.
If any person is found to be falsely claiming membership of ANLP via their website or promotional literature, they will be asked to remove all references immediately. Failure to do so will result in ANLP reserving the right to publicly advertise these false claims on the ANLP website and potentially withdraw membership of ANLP.

1.4 Complaints Procedure

In the event of any complaint or grievance, ANLP has a Complaints Procedure that is applicable to all Members.
All complaints will be dealt with respectfully and informally in the first instance. A formal complaints procedure exists to protect both Members and the General Public. A copy is available by emailing members@anlp.org.

2. Joining or Renewing Membership and The Commitment Period

Membership of ANLP is a privilege rather than a right. Membership is not guaranteed and ANLP reserves the right to refuse a membership application or renewal for any reason at any time.

2.1 Membership Applications

Submitting an application, either online or by post, does not guarantee your Membership of ANLP.
Membership will only be confirmed once all relevant supporting documentation is received. So please ensure that, when you join, that you send, fax or email copies of all relevant documentation including copies of your NLP qualifications and testimonials (if applicable) as soon as possible.

It is a requirement of membership that you disclose to ANLP membership Co-Ordinator, via email, if any of the following apply to you:

•    You have ever been convicted of any offence, other than a driving offence resulting in points on your licence.
•    You have ever been the subject of a complaint relating to your work as an NLP professional
•    There are any other facts or circumstances which could affect your suitability for membership of ANLP.
All new applications, except Associate level, incur a non refundable, one off administration fee to cover the costs of checking validity of certificates and reviewing testimonials.

ANLP reserves the right to downgrade a member to a more appropriate level, if the relevant information appertaining to the membership level applied for is not received within 28 days of application, or proves to be inaccurate in any way.

Due to the current trend towards offering extremely short courses and distance learning qualifications, ANLP Membership at Professional level or above will only be awarded to those who have qualified on a course requiring at least 50 attendance hours at Practitioner level, 80 hours for Master Practitioner level and a further 90 hours at Trainer level. For Associate Level Membership, you can have obtained an NLP Diploma or Introductory Course Certificate with a minimum of 15 attendance hours. Any certificate obtained which does not include these minimum levels of face to face training will be recognised at Associate level only.

Anyone applying for Trainer level of membership must have an NLP Trainers certificate issued by a recognised NLP ‘Master Trainer’ or equivalent. Please see the list on the ANLP website for currently recognised UK Master Trainers.

2.2 Membership Duration

By joining ANLP you agree to remain a member for at least a Commitment Period. For administrative reasons this period covers the rest of the calendar month in which you join (if you join after the first day of the month) and the following 12 full months (or the following number of months specified in your Membership Application if it is not 12)

The Commitment Period is a core term of membership necessary to allow us, to commit to the level of investment required in providing the service and standard expected by our members.

If you choose to pay your membership fees monthly or annually by Direct Debit, your ANLP membership will continue after the Commitment Period.

If you choose to pay your full Commitment Period membership fee in advance by Debit/Credit card or by Cheque, your ANLP membership will automatically be resigned on expiry of the Commitment Period, unless you renew your membership prior to the expiry date.

2.3 Online Promotion

When joining ANLP for the first time, please note that the online promotion, where included in the Membership fee, will only be activated upon receipt of copies of NLP qualifications and any other relevant documentation.
Please note that Associate Members are not promoted on the ANLP search website and any Practitioner wishing to take advantage of the web promotional search facilities is encouraged to apply for Professional level or above.

In addition to online promotion that is included in Membership, members have the opportunity to purchase advertising on the ANLP website. Advertising days must be purchased for each advert displayed.

Advertising, once purchased, is non refundable and numbers of views/clicks are not guaranteed. If, for any reason, an advert is deemed inappropriate and not approved, then the opportunity will be offered to transfer the days or submit another advert.

2.4 Membership Levels

ANLP offers different categories of membership. Your choice of membership level on joining will determine the fees you pay and any restrictions that may apply to your use of our Members Benefits.

ANLP may from time to time introduce new levels of membership; please check occasionally whether your membership level remains the most suitable for you.

2.5 Membership Upgrades

A member may upgrade their membership level at any time during their membership, even mid year, as long as they meet the criteria of the required upgrade level (downgrading your membership level during the Commitment Period will only be considered in exceptional circumstances). Any change to your membership level will be implemented within 7 days.

Upgrades will be charged at the difference between the existing and new Membership level rates and a new certificate will be issued. Please contact the main office on 020 3051 6740 or email members@anlp.org to arrange this.

2.6 Membership Renewal

When renewing your Membership to ANLP, if you are upgrading to a higher level, please send only relevant information relating to the upgrade e.g. copy of Master Practitioner Certificate or Trainers Certificate.
There is no need to send your certificates or testimonials to ANLP annually, as they are kept on file.
When you renew your membership, your membership expiry date will be one year from the due date, rather than the date payment was made.

If membership is renewed more than 3 months after the due date, then the ‘new membership administration fee’ will be charged upon renewal, to cover the costs of administration.

2.7 Membership Suspension

Full membership may be suspended for up to 12 months at your renewal date, provided you notify ANLP in writing (including email) in advance of your renewal date. When membership is suspended at the request of the member, no 'new membership administration fee' will be payable upon renewal.

In exceptional circumstances, membership can be suspended part way through the year, for up to 12 months. Please contact the membership co-ordinator with details, if you wish to suspend your membership part way through the annual period.

Please note: membership suspension is not available to 'Introductory Members'.

2.8 Cancelling your ANLP Membership

Any membership service purchased via the website can be cancelled within 7 days of taking it out for any reason, by giving written notice via email to members@anlp.org or via post to our current trading address (see above). In the event of a cancellation, 10% of the original fee will be deducted to cover administration costs.
If you are subscribing to monthly membership, you may resign your membership by giving at least 3 complete calendar months written notice, so that your membership will end at the end of the third complete month after notice was given: for example, if you give notice on 1st June it will expire on 31st August, if you give notice on 8th June it will expire on 30th September.

You can give notice to resign at any point before the end of the initial Commitment Period but this cannot end your membership before the end of the Commitment Period.

Once purchased, annual membership is valid for 12 months. Any refund during that period will only be made in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of ANLP.

ANLP may terminate your membership after expiry of the Commitment Period by giving you at least 3 complete calendar months notice.
Renewal reminders are sent out by email, and by post. If you choose not to renew your membership, please inform ANLP as soon as you receive your Renewal reminder, so that services and benefits can be stopped.
Upon cancellation or non-renewal of membership, it is expected that members will return their Membership certificate and stop using the logos and terms on their promotional literature and website with immediate effect.

Online Promotion, where included in the Membership fee, will only be activated upon receipt of copies of NLP Certificates and any other information relevant to the particular membership level applied for.

2.9 Data Protection

All members agree, when joining, that their details will be held on a computerised database. It is accepted by members that select data will be made available to Members of the Public via the website or via phone queries, if Membership level is Professional or above.
All computerised data held by ANLP is available for your inspection by visiting the ANLP website and logging on as a member to inspect your online profile.
If you require a paper copy of computerised information held, please send a cheque for £10, to cover administration costs, to ANLP, at our current trading address.
ANLP reserves the right to add to and improve these terms at any time.

Last revised 06.02.18


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