ANLP Logo Clarification

This is our current ANLP Members logo, which has been in use since January 2010. If you see anybody displaying this logo, they 'should' be a current member of ANLP, and you can verify this by checking they are on our members database.


This is our current ANLP Accredited Trainers logo, which has been in use since July 2010. Only ANLP Accredited Trainers are allowed to use this logo, to promote the fact they have been through all the additional requirements to become an ANLP Accredited Trainer. You can verify your ANLP Accredited Trainer by checking the ANLP Accredited Trainers database.


If you see anyone using these logos and who cannot be found on our Members or Accredited Trainers Database, please do email or phone us on 020 3051 6740, so we can investigate further.

Old Logo

This is the old ANLP Members logo, which was in use until December 2009. There were various forms of this logo in use until December 2009 and these have now been withdrawn.

We are aware this logo has been 'modelled' by other, unrelated companies, particularly outside of the UK and would like to point out that any logo looking similar to this, or implying an affiliation to ANLP International CIC, is making an invalid claim. ANLP International CIC comissioned this logo and holds the copyright.


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