Antivirus practices offered by Generative Parenting

In times of Covid-19 and lock down my family and I are getting through by using conscious practices, true antivirus offered by Generative Parenting.

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Antivirus practices offered by Generative Parenting

Posted by Rita Aleluia on

My family and I were in lock down for 45 days in times of Covid-19, which we are going through by using conscious practices, true antivirus offered by Generative Parenting.

I begin with a belief that I share with Osho, about the infinite possibilities that children bring with them:

“Each child is born with such great possibilities and potential that if he is allowed and helped to grow his individuality without any hindrance from others, we will have a beautiful world. We will have many Buddhas, many Jesuses, we will have a tremendous variety of geniuses.” Osho

Here, the first week was made up of explanation, research, acceptance, slowing down rhythms and routines. It is important to understand what a virus is, that viruses and humans interact in evolution and that not all viruses are harmful, on quite the contrary. We are using the terminology Covid-19 or Coronavirus, instead of “invisible enemy” and “war”.

In the transition to the second week, we celebrated the birthday of the one who made us parents, our first daughter. 13 years of walking in her wisdom and gifts, learning from her humility, the perfection of imperfections, which many insist on calling a defect, smiling at mistakes and leaving aside idealisations. Without conformity and with so much hope.

The second week was an introduction to schoolwork, virtual classes and distance therapies. Creativity and patience were the great allied masters. The remaining weeks went well. We are now gardening much more, connecting with the trees and plants of our garden.

Which Generative Parenting practices are more present in these times of Covid-19?

Surely, flexibility, intentions to equal dignity and value. If you add to these the practice of the main assumptions of NLP, you have already come halfway through it.

The first thing I do when I wake up is to find my core centre (through the centring exercise – COACH State). Thereafter, horizons expand.

It has been more challenging to coordinate our professional life. Once again, a lot of flexibility and common sense. This is a global situation, so it is easier to have the understanding and empathy of all parties involved in the process.

We talk with grandparents, relatives and friends, all over the world, through video. A way of acting that we had sown when we lived continents away.

This is what has worked for us so far. Other generative families feel that what works for them is to keep routine schedules for school or meals, and to create an activity timetable. And all are right. It must make sense to each family! Meeting their intentions, values and what they want to see in the world.

Whatever your choice may be, boredom, tantrums, fights and sulks will be part of your days. As well as joys, alliances, reconciliations and peace. Day and night. It is called life.

This moment of humanity may be the best school of whole human beings that we may ever access. I wish you presence and resilience for the most challenging days. We may and we should contribute as we can to reduce distances, create closeness and help our neighbour. There are gestures of love and generosity that our children model and inscribe in their DNA.

May the only pandemic be that of generative love and generosity! May we be fulfilled in this relational traffic that reaches us from above, continually approaches and resends us from our interiority to others.

By the way, how do you want your children to remember you during these times, for example ten years from now?

With love and hope,


Rita Aleluia
Rita Aleluia (Member post)

By embodying NLP we are generative parents, connected to our essence, heart, honouring the wisdom of our bodies. It's not about perfection, it's about connection.