NLP Courses One Stop Shop

I have noticed, in recent weeks, a surge in enquiries, both over the phone and via email, about NLP courses and workshops...

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NLP Courses One Stop Shop

Posted by Karen Falconer on

I have noticed, in recent weeks, a surge in enquiries, both over the phone and via email, about NLP courses and workshops – do we have one running in Nottingham? Where can I find the best virtual course? Where can I find a business practitioner course to suit my requirements? Which course should I take to become a member of ANLP?

Your students are out there, they want solutions quickly and easily, which is understandable…and in their busy world they want to go to one place to find all their options.

PLEASE meet them in their map of the world by adding your courses to your members dashboard, so they can be found in the events diary on our website .

There is increasing competition out there and times are changing - its no longer acceptable for us to respond to these enquiries by saying ‘check out the Trainers profile’ or ‘see where they are based’ or ‘visit their website’…

…your potential students are looking for the quickest and easiest route to their solution - they just want one link or signpost to find it all! They are seeking a one stop shop where they can see all the courses running in July, or in Nottingham, or focused on business.

I am sure you can understand their busy-ness and their desire to find a solution quickly and easily because you are busy too.

After all, how many of us have the luxury of being able to go to the bakers for our bread, the vegetable store for our fruit and the pharmacy for our toiletries? We use the supermarket because its convenient…everything is there, under one roof.

ANLP is becoming the supermarket for your potential students and clients – when they are looking for quality NLP services, they are visiting the ANLP supermarket to find them…so please make sure your courses are on show and visible for all shoppers to see.

We can’t keep saying to your potential students ‘please look at individual profiles because not all trainer members use our events facility’…the opportunity has been lost and they move on!

The new courses and workshops facility on your dashboard was improved to save you time! You can now set up your library of courses and then just enter dates every time you run a course…you no longer have to keep cutting and pasting and then waiting for ANLP to approve your courses.

Take advantage of these improved facilities and use the How to Guides provided to help you. Invest a bit of time now to ensure your shelves are always stocked.

Karen Falconer
Karen Falconer

Karen is CEO of both ANLP International CIC and the NLP International Conference Ltd, Editor of Rapport Magazine and author of The NLP Professional. She is qualified to NLP Trainer level and is a Professional Certified mBIT coach. Karen is also a founder member of the International NLP Research Committee, a Trustee of the NLP in Education Trust, a member of the NLP Press Editorial Board, a school Governor and winner of Hertfordshire Woman of the Year 2009.