The Social Impact of NLP

As a Community Interest Company, ANLP does a number of things each year to get feedback from ANLP Members, the NLP community...

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The Social Impact of NLP

Posted by Kash Falconer on

As a Community Interest Company, ANLP does a number of things each year to get feedback from ANLP Members, the NLP community and the wider world.  We have surveys, focus groups, the Community Café, NLP Ambassador discussions that give us some insight into the service we provide and how we can adapt our actions to serve our mission…being the Global Flagbearers for Professional NLP.

Measuring the impact of our work is a challenge and doing the same for NLP becomes a nebulous conundrum!  There are so many NLP Professionals doing inspiring work and positively influencing or benefitting individuals, groups, teams, communities, companies and countries and to keep track of it all is less than easy… 

We do our best to keep our eyes and ears open and we have our stories to tell on the website and in our Member updates and news items.  We add these whenever we hear of good news or positive applications of NLP.

Measuring the impact of NLP gives even more credibility to our field…to demonstrate the practical efficacy of the tools and techniques we have learned and can pass on.  The Northern Ireland Social Care Council project from three ANLP Members has won awards and the product has been used by hundreds of Social Care workers to assist them in their roles during the pandemic and beyond. 

One of our Doctor Members works with other Doctors in the UK using NLP to empower them with better language for their patients understanding of their health conditions or treatment.  Yet another Member in California teaches NLP techniques on their college course to allow the students to communicate better in their chosen fields…  The impact of teaching NLP techniques to a few who are then empowered to take those learnings into the world is both powerful and inspiring…and spreading the positivity of NLP.

In the best possible way, Marianne Williamson (1992) sums this up for me: "Your playing small does not serve the World"

The social impact of NLP is something you can help with measuring.  If you are involved in working with people in any capacity and you can tell us how your projects are helping them and the beneficial consequences of that teaching and learning experience, we can use that to build a picture of the social impact of NLP in the world.   

Please, upload your case studies to the ANLP website using your Member dashboard and using the form to guide you through this simple process.  Investing this time can be the difference that makes the difference…

Kash Falconer
Kash Falconer

Kash loves to connect people together to stimulate collaboration and better understanding of different maps.