Reflections on a Secret Pond

This book will take you on a journey into the beauty of nature as you reflect on life, death and rebirth.

Reflections on a Secret Pond ISBN: 978-1848767102

Reflections on a Secret Pond

By Sally Evans

RRP: £12.74

Matador (1 Sept. 2011)


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This book will take you on a journey into the beauty of nature as you reflect on life, death and rebirth through Anna's imaginary world of the secret pond. The reader is plunged into the drama played out below the surface - avalanches, earthquakes and a mini apocalypse! Grieving the death of her grandma, Anna finds spiritual comfort in the turbulent world of central pond characters Norris Newt, Tom Toad, Bovis Beetle and, in particular, the mysterious connection between her grandma's death and the metamorphosis of Della the dragonfly. Boundaries of imagination and reality blur as Anna becomes cocooned in her fantasy world where time no longer exists and death becomes the gateway to new life. The words and the illustrations, painted by author Sally, blend to create a soothing escape for young people and adults facing the emotional trials of life. Reflections On A Secret Pond is a work of fantasy fiction, inspired by Jonathan Livingston Seagull. "The author, Richard Bach, changed my life - I'd like to believe my book will do the same for others," says Sally. Based on personal experience, the book is aimed at anyone who has suffered a sudden bereavement and is looking for answers.

Reflections on a Secret Pond

Acknowledging out thoughts and feelings during intense change such as loss and grief can be overwhelming and, in some cases, we may often focus on actions before acknowledging our feelings. This book clearly outlines how our conscious and subconscious works through these tricky times.

Loss can be instant or gradual and there is no direct answer in how to deal with it. Anna shares her thoughts and feelings regarding loss in this book.

My favourite character in this book is Ivy, Anna’s dog. Ivy’s companionship and continued support throughout resonates with me as an anchor for Anna. The characters felt real, with each exploring their feelings, thoughts and actions, in some cases considering which action to carry out. After the introduction to the secret pond, the story kept me guessing to what was going to happen next. My favourite part of the book is Anna finding her birthday present and the impact it has on her understanding of human experience. I found it easy to relate my experiences to the story and to look them from different perspectives as a result from the book. It can be easy in our lives to not pause and reflect on the happenings taking place, but this book encourages it - being curious and noticing what is around us can help with that.

This book is suitable for all readers as we can all relate to it in some way. Encouraging the reader to look at events and relationships from different perspectives this is a great book to learn from.

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