Smoke-Free And No Buts!

This delightfully illustrated book relies on a whole range of strategies for breaking the smoking habit.

Smoke-Free And No Buts! ISBN: 9781899836208

Smoke-Free And No Buts!

By Geoff Ibbotson & Ann Williamson

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This delightfully illustrated book relies on a whole range of strategies for breaking the smoking habit with resources gleaned from NLP and hypnosis developed through the authors’ experience of twenty-five years in general practice. The authors empower their readers to take heart and believe in themselves and in their ability to quit. Using visualisations, sage advice, understanding and large doses of encouragement, they not only explain why we become addicted to smoking, but also show us the best techniques for giving it up, and how to handle stress levels that develop along the way.

For those who really want to give up smoking for good - here’s a small book with a large mission to show you how!

Two doctors who know what they are talking about!

This thin book (63 pages), with cartoon-type illustrations, is an excellent resource for people wanting to stop smoking, or for those helping them to do so. The authors have many years of experience in this field and teach hypnotic techniques to dentists and other doctors.
They separate physical and psychological dependence and deal with each separately.
Published in 1998, some would disagree now about the 'left and right brain' arguments. Nevertheless, 'getting in touch with the unconscious' works as an idea and the suggestions (and proposed script) in Chapter Two support this well.
Chapter Three (Setting Your Goal) makes good use of NLP ideas like timelines, visualisation and association/dissociation.
Chapter Four makes practical suggestions about dealing with the physical side of cigarette dependence.
Chapter Five - on psychological dependency - provides useful scripts and techniques.
Chapter Six is about 'getting conscious' of the habit - for example, it had never occurred to me to suggest people use their feet to smoke!
Chapter Seven - Lapses and Maintenance.
Chapter Eight - Conclusion.
A very good book to read through quickly, then return to when required.

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