Who Stole My Pie?

In this book author Joe Cheal looks at how to manage priorities, boundaries and expectations. 

Who Stole My Pie? ISBN: 978-0-9548800-6-4

Who Stole My Pie?

By Joe Cheal

RRP: £9.99

GWiz Publishing (1806)



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In this book author Joe Cheal looks at how to manage priorities, boundaries and expectations.


Who Stole My Pie

Who Stole My Pie is a great book that uses an analogous delicious pie to tell the story of someone learning about time management. The story and its characters made the book a really easy read and the information was all clearly set out and easy to take in.

Whilst there are some elements of time management in here that seem fairly common sense I found that there were also a number of new ideas that I hadn’t encountered before. I especially liked the section looking at how much time a task takes depending on what % of time you are spending being proactive or reactive with it.

Although the story is simple that makes it easy to relate to and throughout you are rooting for Walter to find a solution to his time management and his issues with pies. This draws you in and the practical advice offered seems more useful than just supplying the information as a list of tactics.

I’d recommend this book to anyone who occasionally finds themselves overwhelmed by their workload or finds themselves saying that there aren’t enough hours in the day, I’d suggest having a snack with you though as you might start to feel a little peckish!!

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