From Dream to Reality - Being Unstoppable - Inspiring Others

From dream to reality - how NLP has helped Vicky to create the business of her dreams and inspire others along the way

From Dream to Reality - Being Unstoppable - Inspiring Others

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The challenge

Vicky was looking for a way to turn her hobby into a business. She is passionate about all things swimming and wanted to use her own story to inspire other people. Swimming had changed her life from severe back problems, mobility issues and mild depression to becoming passionate, motivated, social life had improved along with her fitness. Until this point, swimming had been a personal hobby - she knew she wanted to share her story and inspire others however and she wasn't sure how to do this.

The effect

Until this point, this had just been a thought for Vicky with no practical outlet of how to take it forward. She knew that she had something special to share with the world and was seeking a way to do this. She was excited about the challenge and saw her future self being successful and she knew it was the path she had to follow... just needed that piece in the puzzle to answer 'how' to do it.


Vicky attended the Introduction to NLP and then the Essex ANLP Practice Workshop where we were using the Disney Creativity Strategy - this is a great tool to enable people to become creative and innovative to resolve issues and come up with incredible solutions to move forward. Vicky went through this process and by the end had written the beginning of a business plan - she was clear on her direction, what she needed to do and how to go about it.


So Vicky now has a successful swimming coaching business - she is a qualified swimming teacher and coach. She has achieved so much more than she ever imagined... she is coaching in 4 different open water locations as well as teaching adults and children to swim, she has coached over 200 people in one year including, BLESMA (British Limbless Ex-Service Man Association), and swam with Ross Edgeley who completed the Great British Swim (around the UK non-stop). She writes regular articles for Mersea Life Magazine about open water swimming, has a huge social media following and regularly provides helpful information about the topic and inspires others to follow their dream in the same way as Vicky has followed her dream. So using the power of NLP; visualisation, Well-Formed Outcomes and the Disney Creativity Strategy, Vicky is now achieving all she ever dreamed of and more - this is the power of NLP.

Emma McNally
Emma McNally

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