Emma McNally

Emma McNally

NLP Trainer, Coach, Public Speaker, Author and Business Consultant

As the world become ever more complex and challenging, sometimes as an individual or business professional, you may find yourselves looking at others and wondering how they have managed to be so successful and wanting to know their secret, or maybe you are already doing really well and just want more!

As an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Trainer, I work with individuals, business owners, directors and managers to share with you tools, insights and learnings that can take you and/or business from good to great.

NLP was created through modelling people who were excellent in their field, so you can learn from them and become exceptional in yours. You can achieve this through attending NLP Training courses and/or 1:1 coaching in Chelmsford, Essex, where you will discover practical, proven techniques through experiential learning… so that you can have the greatness you seek within your business and personal life.

To find our more, please visit www.achieveyourgreatness.co.uk, email emma.mcnally@achieveyourgreatness.co.uk or book on our 2 hour NLP Taster session via Zoom: https://www.achieveyourgreatness.co.uk/introduction-to-nlp  

Greatness… within your reach!


Emma McNally is an ANLP Accredited NLP Trainer and NLP Master Practitioner, has an MBA, is an ILM Level 7 Executive Coach and mentor and has over 25 years business experience both within the private and public sectors.

She runs the Achieve Your Greatness School of NLP which delivers NLP Taster sessions (2 hours) through to NLP Diploma, NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Business Practitioner Courses, Practitioner and Master Practitioner in Hypnotherapy, Identity By Design and Core Transformation.

Her style of delivery is engaging and inclusive, ensuring that all learning preferences are accommodated.She is passionate about helping you to achieve your goals and believes that, with the right tools to support you, your journey to success will become far more rewarding.

"Excellent course, such energy, making it so engaging. Just brilliant. Emma puts so much energy into this course, the experience is breath-taking." Ian

"Excellent course. It has changed my life. I am now able to know I can always find resources within myself. Not just changed myself but the ability to help guide others." Suzanne.

"Amazing content, such an eye opener. I learnt so much." Philly.

"It has been amazing. It has helped me lots. I feel free and feel empowered and in control." Linda.

"Excellent course - made me think. Learnt about myself and the great team I am working with." Brian.

"Excellent course - fantastic." Jane.

“The course was inspirational. I wished I had known this years’ ago; it would have made such a difference in my life.” 

“I found it incredibly useful and motivational.” 

“Thank you for the session, I actually feel at peace for the first time in... forever.”


NLP Practitioner

Trained by Jessica Robbins

NLP Master Practitioner

Trained by Jessica Robbins

NLP Trainer

Trained by Melody Cheal

Specialist skills

  • Breakthrough Sessions
  • Business Coaching
  • Change Management Strategies
  • Confidence Building
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Motivation
  • Presentation Skills
  • Relationships
  • Stress Management
  • Team Building

Training offered

  • Introductory
  • Diploma
  • Practitioner
  • Master Practitioner
  • Specialised Workshops

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Core Transformation

11th - 13th June 2021

North End, Dunmow, Essex

Discover this beautifully gentle process that enables you to reach your core states and overcome limitations including unwanted emotions, behaviours and thoughts
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Emma Dodgson

NLP Practitioner Course

Emma McNally delivers a comprehensive, thought provoking and entertaining course on NLP. Emma's training style is friendly, fun and encouraging. She demonstrates her mastery of NLP by answering questions about NLP for any context and is able to adapt to today's challenges training remotely. I have been able to use NLP since my course, using lots of amazing learning and helpful tips from Emma and have enjoyed great results. Emma's courses on NLP will provide you with a wonderful insight into NLP and can even change your life !

Melanie Knight

NLP Practioner Course

A massive thank you to Emma. Having has an interest in NLP for many years, I am so glad I finally took the plunge and signed up for a course and more importantly Emma's course. Emma is so full of energy and passion for the subject it literally shines out of her. This energy makes it so easy to learn and enjoy. Emma uses all her experience to guide us through the different tools, and we were all constantly surprising ourselves that this stuff actually works, even when us novices are practicing. Due to the pandemic, we had to work most of our course virtually via a Zoom call which I was a bit dubious about, but it was absolutely fine and actually more beneficial in many ways. If you are thinking about learning about NLP, I 100% recommend Emma - Go For It - you won't regret it. 😍

A stunning course that delivers so much more than information

Thank you, Emma, for inviting me into a fabulous community of people who speak my language. After spending years studying personal development, this course I feel has brought everything to life. It's like seeing life in 4D for the first time.

The Practioner Course is jam-packed with theory and time to implement creating personal change whilst learning how to coach others. I was able to stop biting nails, reduce sugar intake, and overcame a fear I had of frogs?!!! Plus I have grown in confidence and made friends.

I know this will propel both businesses and my personal relationships too. Thank you Emma!

Paula Fisher

NLP Practitioner Course

I have just completed the NLP Practitioner course and it was awesome. Emma is an amazing trainer/teacher. The course was really well structured and everyone was totally engaged (Emma was obviously hitting all the primary representational systems and using all the predicates!). I would recommend Emma 100% for this and anything else NLP. A really big thank you Emma.

Charlotte Noon

Core Transformation course

I was excited to attend this Core Transformation course to add to the NLP services I offer to my clients. The added bonus, however, was the huge transformative effect that the 3 day course has had on my own personal wellbeing.

Emma is a fantastic course leader – warm, approachable and very knowledgeable. I instantly felt at ease in the safe space that she created. In fact, I felt so supported during the weekend that I chose to use the process on a trauma which I had been carrying for a number of years. The transformation was fantastic! I feel that I have finally been able to let go of the negative feelings associated with that time and I feel so much lighter as a result. I am so grateful to Emma for the sensitivity and understanding she displayed whilst supporting me through this.

The course was incredibly well-organised and the course notes provided were really clear. I can’t wait to start sharing this process with my clients!

I highly recommend attending this course both for gaining skills as a practitioner but also to experience some beautiful deep changes for yourself. I feel as though I’ve returned from a retreat, rather than a course. Thank you, Emma.

Cat Googe

NLP Practitioner training

I completed my NLP Practitioner training with Emma McNally in July and wow does she deliver!!! NLP is amazing and totally transformative but what makes the difference is what a fabulous trainer Emma is. She holds the space beautifully, is super knowledgable abut all things NLP and above all else she makes it so much fun! If you're curious about NLP I thoroughly recommend having a chat with Emma. Learning NLP is like developing a super power; it's an exceptional tool to add to my skill set and business. Thanks so much Em, I'll definitely be doing more training with you in the future!

Marina Hallworth

Emma McNally

I have worked with Emma over the past 3 years and have been impressed by her professionalism, resilience and unique ability to balance being personable, flexibile and accomodating with being firm, directive and efficient in her work.
I have attended a number of her courses and have found them all highly educational, enjoyable, full of substance and, above all, transformative.
I have also had 1-1 coaching sessions with Emma, which have been an integral part of my professional development. Emma's sensitivity, empathy, energy and coaching experience have been invaluable enablers of my career progression and personal development.
My trust in Emma's expertise is based on the following:
- She is always in a resourceful state, which inspires confidence in her as the coach/trainer
- She has a remarkable ability to identify the key issue at hand and always picks the right tool to deal with it
- Her superior knowledge and experience in NLP and associated techniques is evident and enables her to be highly effective in tackling almost any situation.
I would wholeheartedly recommend Emma as an NLP proffessional.
I would enthusiastically recommend the courses that Emma has developed and delivers.
I would unreservedly recommend Emma as a coach at all levels but particularly as an executive career coach.
Marina Z. Hallworth
Senior Independent Director, BKF

Amber Nicoll

Changed my life for the better!

I met Emma in 2015, it’s one of the best encounters I could have had because she introduced me to the world of NLP. Having had some experience with hypnotherapy I was very intrigued and willing to find out more. I attended an introduction day which left me craving for more. Over the last 4 years I have been taking the courses ‘Achieve Your Greatness’ offers and it has completely changed my life (you can do it a lot quicker than that, but this was the time frame that suited me). I know it sounds too good to be true but NLP is a amazing tool that you can use to improve your thinking, improve your results in every or any area in your life you choose. I thank Emma for my calm mind, positive thinking, meeting my perfect partner, progressing in my career, better relationships with friends and family, having a happier brain and life. Do difficult times still happen, yes, but I find it a million times easier to deal when these things do come up and I can honestly say these things come up very rarely now.
Thank you Emma, you’ve changed my life and that has had a great influence on the people around me. I saw the difference and feel compelled to help others the same way you have helped me. The school where I work as a PE teacher were impressed with my noticeable positive change and my passion for NLP and have supported me to bring it to the staff and children, it’s just the beginning for me but I am so excited. Thanks to Emma I feel like I can make a real difference in the world for the better. Every thing I do from now on started with meeting Emma.

I feel like I can’t quite express exactly how I feel, but hopefully this gives you some idea......... All I can say is if you’re thinking about it then, you should definitely take that step.

Amber Nicoll
PE Teacher
NLP Practitioner
Living my best life

NLP Master Practitioner Training & continued support

I met Emma when I needed help with a presentation - performing my best friend's unofficial wedding ceremony. After just one session, I learned how to anchor calm, as previously my nerves had prevented me from being able to speak without feeling like my heart was going to burst through my rib-cage.

This session lead to an informative NLP Intro Day, leading to the Practitioner course, then most recently the Master Practitioner course.

Emma's training is meticulously thought-out, energetic, supportive and thought-inducing.

I continue my training with Emma, as her knowledge is always growing and I tend to benefit from her learnings (which then filter out to my closest friends and family).

I now run an NLP based coaching company as a result of meeting Emma. I have stayed friends with many people from the courses and I am very grateful for these connections.

Emma is a professional trainer with the added bonus of being someone who also really cares. #truestory. Thanks Emma.


NLP Practitioner course with Achieve your Greatness

I was fortunate to attend the NLP Practitioner and Business NLP practitioner courses run by Emma at Achieve Your Greatness. The experience was amazing. It was a journey in itself. Emma's knowledge and experience is second to none and she delivers the course in a very detailed and thorough manner. Add to all this a series of fun anecdotes to illustrate the learnings and practice with other members and you end with a memorable experience and fantastic tools and processes to further your journey into self development and coaching. Without a doubt, I would recommend you to learn NLP with Emma. Her dedication to NLP and sharing her knowledge coupled with her obvious passion make it an experience not to be missed! Feeling grateful for the great experience I had!