Judith DeLozier

Judith Delozier

Judith DeLozier is an original co-developer of the field in NLP and has made fundamental contributions to the development of many core NLP models and processes.

In her 30 years of training and working with NLP all over the world she has particularly championed ideas that relate to culture, community, personal congruence, trans-cultural skills and more systemic and relational approaches.

Judith`s background is originally in anthropology and religious studies and her lover of dance (ballet and Congolese) has led her to promote movement and the body as a primary tool in NLP - leading to the creation with Robert Dilts of Somatic Syntax. She is the co-author of Turtles All the Way Down (with John Grinder) and the Encyclopedia of NLP(with Robert Dilts.)

“Judith DeLozier obviously lives, breathes and practises what she teaches.”


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