ANLP, IANLP, IN-Institutes and INLPTA have formed a friendly collaborative way of Associating, in service of NLP

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ANLP, IANLP, IN-Institutes and INLPTA have formed a friendly collaborative way of Associating, in service of NLP

ANLP is a global Membership Association based in the UK.


“To collectively make a positive difference to society by promoting the positive benefits of NLP and encouraging individuals and training organisations to deliver their NLP in a professional, responsible and congruent way.“


Within society, to have NLP recognised and accepted as a valued tool for personal, organisational and educational development.

Within the NLP Community, to enhance and grow our reputation as the independent and impartial voice of NLP, fair and unbiased, professional and respectful; to create a spirit of unity and co-operation within the NLP Community, whilst abiding by the philosophy and presuppositions of NLP.


1. To increase membership of ANLP, both nationally and internationally, so NLP Professionals have the voice they deserve and NLP can be independently represented in the global arena. As a CIC, increased membership means we have the financial resources to promote great NLP services, develop NLP qualifications and support NLP research projects.

2. To promote and protect the reputation of NLP by:

  • Encouraging an ethos of Professionalism and self-responsibility within the NLP community
  • Continuing to provide reassurance and a safety net for the public
  • Providing a self-regulatory framework for Members and continuing to grow and develop an already established public profile and reputation for promoting standards, professionalism and good practice in NLP
  • Promoting the positive power and flexibility of NLP
  • Being the leading promoter of NLP Practitioners and Trainers, having an impact on all sectors of society

3. To nurture and encourage individuals to be the best they can be by:

  • Developing community spirit through forums, peer support, events
  • Developing reliable and reputable resources for NLP professionals
  • Providing a safe environment in which new and established professionals alike can explore theories and techniques, communicate with like-minded people, and find business support to promote their work.
  • Listening to our members, so we can continue to be the best we can be, by managing feedback quickly and professionally to ensure that we continue to deliver the best possible service

4. To develop internationally recognised Accreditation Programmes and nationally recognised qualifications in NLP.

5. To encourage NLP related research and the further development of NLP models.

In a nutshell, we want the world to benefit from ‘good NLP’, because we know that NLP can made a difference to individuals, organisations, within education and within clinical settings.