ANLP and COMENSA Partnership

The ANLP COMENSA partnership is a significant step forward to give COMENSA a strategy to validate the NLP Coaches/Mentors who they have as Members

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Part of ANLP's responsibility is to implement strategies with partner organisations to ensure that as many people as possible who actively use NLP in their work have certificates from NLP trainers and NLP training institutes that meet minimum NLP content criteria and that the Coach/practitioner adheres to a recognised and enforced Code of Ethics. 

The partnership with COMENSA is a significant step forward to give ANLP and COMENSA a strategy to validate the NLP Coaches who COMENSA have as Members.  This gives the public and private companies who engage their services further peace of mind that they are contracting with verified NLP Professionals.

As a professional body in a non-regulated system, COMENSA recognises the importance of ensuring that their members receive only the best value in terms of their coaching journey, continued growth, and standing out as professionals within the industry.

COMENSA membership comprises those just starting out in coaching as student members, to ordinary members working towards their credentialed status, through to Credentialed, Senior Credentialed and Master Credentialed Coaches and Mentors with vast amounts of experience.

COMENSA has a strong ethos in supporting Continued Professional Development in their own membership and encourages members to continue evolving.  This strengthens the belief that through the ANLP/COMENSA partnership, COMENSA Members wil be offered a continued improvement pathway as they start or continue to develop their professional NLP journey.

The partnership with COMENSA is part of ANLP’s ongoing strategy to support International membership organisations who have Members delivering Professional NLP services.  The implementation of the strategies gives the public confidence that both organisations are playing their part in checking for valid NLP certification, ethical practice and high standards which brings even more credibility to the fields of Coaching, Mentoring and NLP.

With COMENSA being the exclusive South African partner of ANLP and with ANLP’s position as the Global Flagbearers for Professional NLP, COMENSA believe that NLP training providers and practitioner members, who elect to become members of ANLP, will benefit as follows:

  • Having the opportunity of their programs and certifications being evaluated and endorsed by ANLP and thereby effectively raising the standards in their NLP training programs and practices. 
  • Once the COMENSA NLP Coach is classified as Professional, they would further benefit by being able to have the globally recognised ANLP logo on their profiles.
  • The ability to enjoy the additional ANLP services they offer their NLP members.
  • Staying up-to-date with the latest developments in the NLP community. 
  • Networking with like-minded NLP professionals.
  • Additionally our NLP Master Practitioners will be offered the opportunity to complete a conversion course that will offer them international status.  

COMENSA encourage their Members who use NLP as part of their services to become Members of ANLP so that their NLP certificates are checked as part of the joining process.  Once approved, the ANLP Member logo can be displayed on their personal page to show their Membership level.  A nominal fee will be charged for those COMENSA members who want their certificates checked without Membership.

Those NLP Professionals who are already Members of ANLP and provide Coaching, Mentoring or Consulting services in South Africa are actively encouraged to join COMENSA and allow their potential clients to view their credentials and services on the COMENSA website as well as on the ANLP website.

COMENSA always encourages its members to uphold practices and skills that are ethical and credible and believe that this is what the ANLP framework is able to offer our NLP practitioners and training providers and look forward to growing the practice of NLP in Southern Africa in this manner.

ANLP also believe that this partnership will continue to raise best practice standards and promote the ethical delivery of NLP in Coaching and Mentoring in South Africa and beyond.