How to Apply for Professional Standards

ANLP have raised the bar for Professional Standards of Practice by introducing a tangible evidence based practice module to the website.

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How to Apply for Professional Standards

This is a member benefit and can be used by you as a marketing tool to enhance your services. Therefore, completing the Professional Standards module is optional - it is not a requirement of membership at any level.

To achieve the various levels of Professional Standards, you will be required to upload documents into the Professional Standards section of your Member Dashboard. For each level, you will be required to evidence the following, which have separate tabs within the module:





A completed Member Profile 




Coaching/NLP Practice Hours




CPD evidence




Peer mentoring / Practice Group attendance




Current Business Insurance Cert





Evidence of regular supervision




Documents can be provided in the following file types: doc, docx, zip, pdf, txt, rtf, png, jpg, bmp, gif. The maximum file size for one upload is 2Mb.

Each tab in the module gives information and instruction on what you need to provide in order to satisfy the requirement for each level of ANLP Professional Standards.

In order to qualify for a Professional Standards level overall, you must submit the evidence required for that level on each tab.

For example, if you want to attain Silver level Professional Standards, you must submit evidence of:

  • A 100% complete ANLP Member Profile
  • A valid and current Business Insurance certificate
  • A minimum of 50 hours Coaching or NLP Practice
  • 3 pieces of CPD evidence
  • 3 pieces of evidence for practice group or peer mentoring attendance

The highest level you have reached for that standard is indicated by the colour of each tab.

To apply for the level you have evidenced, you need to complete and sign the declaration located on the progess tab. Your declaration includes agreement to

  • adhere to the ANLP Code of Ethics (MemberTrainer Code dependent on your membership level)
  • follow the ANLP Best Practice Guidelines
  • use the ANLP Business Templates (or equivalent).  These are also available as downloads from the Member dashboard
  • keep accurate and secure records of your Practice (Client data, Contracts, etc.)

Once the information you upload has been verified, you will be awarded the Professional Standards level associated with the evidence you have submitted. You can then download your Professional Standards Certificate.

Throughout the year, ANLP will conduct randomised audit checks on the information supplied and may contact you for further information.



100% Completed Member Profile

There is a separate How to Guide called 'How to Achieve 100% Complete Profile', which is listed in the related articles section (see to your right, if viewing on a laptop or PC).

Coaching / NLP Practice Hours

Record these or scan your diary/calendar records and upload the evidence – this can be anonymised to protect client identities. For trainers, training hours can be recorded as NLP ‘practice’.


CPD can include attending a course, reading a relevant book and keeping a reflective practice record of what you have done.  To make it easier for you, ANLP have provided a reflective practice template (word document) which you can download and complete.

Business Insurance

Upload your current insurance certificate or, if insurance is not available or required in your country, upload a statement/letter to evidence this.

Peer Mentoring/Practice Group Attendance

Attendance certificates are often provided for practice groups (ANLP supported practice groups make attendance certificates available). Peer mentoring evidence can include reflective practice notes and evidence of collaboration/consultation with your peers


Regular supervision can be evidenced by a supervisor letter annually ('regular' means a minimum of 4 x annually).