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Lauren Stoney

Membership LevelProfessional Member
Phone Number07554 841 880
Practice/Training LocationsBrighton & Hove, East Sussex
Farnham, Surrey
Reading, Berkshire

Lauren is a Therapeutic Coach and Lightning Process Practitioner specialising in confidence, motivation, stress, burnout and chronic health.

“Having entered the world of marketing as a driven professional, I experienced first-hand the effects of living life at 100mph. Living every day from a ‘work-hard, play-hard’ mentality, it wasn’t long before I suffered the effects of burnout, and was facing the diagnosis of a ‘lifelong’ autoimmune condition.

My future seemed bleak with rapidly deteriorating health, the potential loss of my career and a social life that was drawing to a close. Above all else, I felt I had become a shadow of myself and lost my sense of ‘me’. THEN. In 2016, I discovered the Lightning Process®. I took the training and never looked back. I rediscovered my health; I rediscovered ‘me,’ and I got my ‘oomph’ back.

Since then, I have trained in NLP, hypnotherapy and the Lightning Process to help others make that same journey. I work with a wide range of issues, but specialize in:
• confidence and motivation with a particular issue or area of performance;
• avoidance of a stress-fuelled crash
• bouncing back from the aftermath of burnout
• chronic health

Whatever the issue, I’m here to help you move forwards with your life and, not only reconnect with your health, but reconnect with that ‘inner oomph’; the part of you that makes you who you really are.

Qualifications & memberships
• Psychology (BSc Hons)
• Master practitioner in NLP, Coaching & Clinical Hypnotherapy
• Clinical Diploma in NLP & Coaching (Dip Clin NLP Coach)
• Advanced Certificate in NLP, Coaching & Hypnotherapy (Adv NLP Coach Clin Hyp)
• Lightning Process Practitioner Certified
• Certified Member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council
• Certified Member of the ANLP Association

Contact: 07554 841880 / /


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