Nina Madden

Nina Madden

Nina Madden - The Master Coach - NLP Coaching, Therapy & Training - London


Nina Madden is an NLP Master Coach. She has over a decades experience in private practice helping people let go of the past, heal trauma, and find happiness.

She has been successfully delivering Accredited NLP & Life Coach Certification training since 2010, qualifying her students to become skillful NLP Master Practitioners & Life Coaches, with their own businesses changing lives.

The prestigious Professional Coaching & NLP Programme is a five week programme to qualify as an NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner and Life Coach.


• Qualified & Accredited Trainer of NLP, Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching - trained by Master INPLTA trainer Terri Ann Laws - author of "Help I am Going Crazy"
• Qualified & Accredited Trainer of NLP, Sue Kight
• Diploma in Real Skills Hypnosis, a practical, skills-based Hypnotherapy programme. Trained by Terri Ann Laws at Mental Combat, Cape Town, South Africa.
• Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy® - a powerful method for therapeutic change. Trained in Time Line Therapy®, created by Tad James, M.S., PhD., and Dr. Wyatt Woodsmall, Master INLPTA trainer of NLP, by David Shephard, Master Trainer of Time-line Therapy® in the UK, The Performance Partnership.
• Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, also trained by David Shephard, Master Trainer of Time-line Therapy® in the UK, The Performance Partnership.
• Master Practitioner of NLP. Attended and qualified with several Master Trainers including David Shephard, of the Performance Partnership, Sue Knight, and Terri Ann Laws (INLPTA)
• Licensed to perform the Personal Breakthrough Session, a unique full day transformational therapy session.
• Qualified Personal Life Coach by the Coaching Academy, the original training body for Life Coaches in the UK. Qualified with a Distinction.
• Qualified Reiki Practitioner – Level 1 Usui Shiki Ryoho
• Qualified Domestic Violence Training, Refuge, the National Charity for Domestic Violence, UK
• Qualified in Domestic Violence, Homelessness & The Law - Refuge, the National Charity for Domestic Violence, UK
• Diploma HIV/AIDS Awareness, Cara Life – Cara Trust, UK
• Masters of Art, in Contemporary and Post War Art, from Sotheby’s Institute of Art
• Masters of Art, in Arts Criticism, from City University. Thesis explored trauma and memory in the poetry of Paul Celan and sculptures of Doris Salcedo.


- Prominent and successful actors, singers, directors and creatives who have hit a lull in their careers, but who want to “get back in the game".

- Entrepreneurs, A type personalities, CEO's and high-level risk takers in the financial industries who need to be on top of their game, who are ambitious and who can’t afford to let their emotions get the better of them.

- Women 45 plus who are stepping into the next phase of life, ready to become empowered, independent and free and rock the next stage of life.


- Getting back in the game, getting clarity, moving forward, getting yesses, and making your passion projects real.

- Finding out what you really want, knowing this is the right path for you, connecting deeply with what is important, gaining clarity and creating exciting and thrilling future.

- Getting your body back, your confidence back, and finding out who you really are. Connecting with what you really want to do and getting you ready to rock the next stage of life.

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- Nina Madden founded the Professional Coaching & NLP Programme in 2017 which qualifies you as an NLP Practitioner, Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner in just five weeks.
- It is Accredited and Approved by the ABNLP, Endorsed by the ILM, recognized by the ICF and registered with the ANLP.
- You qualify in five weeks ready to get insurance, and see your own paying clients.
- Her training programmes are run in small groups and always sell out.
- Nina has vowed to keep her programme intimate as it is a sacred environment where people can feel loved, safe and protected, whilst integrating the most powerful skills to change their own lives and the lives of others.
- You are supported to develop your own unique and special style and brand, whilst at the same time getting the most prestigious coaching models, and NLP qualifications in the world.

Want to find out how to work with me:


- Certified NLP Practitioner
- Certified Life Coaching
- Certified NLP Master Practitioner

and in addition

- Your Metaphors of Identity
- Archetype Families and Sacred Contracts
- Your Hero’s Journey
- Healing Stories



"This programme is like being given a window to your soul." - Jonathan Handcock, Learning and Development Manager

"Nina's coaching works." Mark Culmer - News International

"I can honestly say this is the best investment I have made in my entire life. Life changing." Diane Appiah

“I completed my NLP Practitioner certificate with Nina in January and 4 months later I am still reflecting on how impressive Nina's skills are in creating a supportive and engaging learning experience. Throughout this programme Nina's broad and deep expertise, knowledge and experience were clear and she demonstrated a phenomenal ability to communicate and share this with us as learners." - Wendy Cognazelik

"The world of metaphors is immensely rich. Listening to the radio on the way home was so interesting as I realised that almost every sentence contains a metaphor. Thank you Nina for 2 days of highly interactive exploration. It was a privilege to share this experience with such a fun group of NLP-ers! I am looking forward to continuing our journey together!" - Allison Spargo


NLP Practitioner

Trained by Whole Being

NLP Master Practitioner

Trained by The Performance Partnership

NLP Trainer

Trained by Terri Ann Laws

NLP Coach

Trained by Performance Partnership

Specialist skills

  • Breakthrough Sessions
  • Business Coaching
  • Confidence Building
  • Eating Disorders
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Memory Strategies
  • Motivation
  • Phobias
  • Relationships
  • Stress Management
  • Team Building

Training offered

  • Introductory
  • Diploma
  • Practitioner
  • Master Practitioner
  • Trainers Training
  • Specialised Workshops

Recognised / regulated by


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Teresa Marshall

A review by Teresa Marshall

Training with Nina was a really engaging and absorbing experience. I was amazed at how much I learned in a 7 day NLP course. This was partly facilitated by the size of the group - 5 people - so we all got a lot of attention!
Nina was very patient and answered a variety of questions that came up throughout the course while never losing focus of what we were working on at the time.
She is extremely knowledgeable about the subject and used both humour and engaging examples to get her points across. She also gave additional help and feedback beyond the NLP techniques whenever requested - and sometimes even when not requested!
I chose Nina as a trainer as one of my criteria for training was to learn an extra tool to use as a coach. The course way exceeded my expectations and gave me more confidence to trust my unconscious and my instincts. Thank you Nina!

Steve McKoy

A review by Steve McKoy

I completed the NLP Practitioner course with Nina in March 2016 and found it so life changing I returned to complete the Life Coaching certificate in April 2017 which has also been just amazing! Nina's approach is to have small sized groups which enables the training to be personal and extremely effective. Her style is relaxed but also thorough and not only is she a real professional she's an inspiration. I have already recommended both courses to friends and colleagues. So if you're seriously planning to do either of the above courses I would highly recommend that you do them with Nina.

Stacy Sanders

A review by Stacy Sanders

I attended an NLP Master Practitioner course run by Nina in early 2017. I was extremely impressed with how Nina ran the course - it was an intimate, boutique approach that felt very comfortable, yet she maintained a very high standard of professionalism throughout the whole course. We were worked hard whilst being supported constantly. The end result was I learned and grew a huge amount over a relatively short time frame. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Nina to anyone who wants to better understand the power of NLP!

A review by Faith Hill

“I’d always been intrigued by NLP and when i was looking around for trainings, a friend highly recommended Nina Madden’s NLP Practitioner course. It was the best investment of time and money for me! It has helped me grow my own coaching business, Spark Escapes. I’ve stayed in touch with Nina ever since, not only as a mentor, but as a friend also; her constant support and motivation has proven invaluable to me and my growth as a person and coach. I’m now using my NLP skills with my own clients and have also taken up her Life Coaching certification. I’m excited about the future this has created for me! Thank you Nina!” Faith Hill

Jonathan Handcock

A review by Jonathan Handcock

I am a L&D Facilitator with 25 years in People Development. I design and deliver high quality residential experiential learning experiences which really bring to life key areas of development for our clients. Using a mix of adventurous outdoor activities, problem-solving challenges and highly insightful discussion and debrief our clients achieve sustainable results in terms of better Leadership, Team & Management Development. I am always looking for ways in which to achieve more sustainable results for clients which is what steered me towards NLP.

Having seen the impact NLP had on me and on others I was keen to pursue it. I was aware that this would help me within my new line management role as I was keen to have a successful working relationship with my small team. I was also aware that this could help me on a number of levels during the learning cycle with clients, for example building genuine rapport with clients, improving facilitation and delivery and reducing my own stress levels.

Once I decided that NLP was the next stage of my personal development journey I had to traverse the minefield of internet searches for a good provider. After looking through dozens of websites I was overwhelmed and, quite frankly, confused. I let the dust settle for a week or so before approaching my search differently. I thought about what was important for me in a provider and I identified key criteria which closely reflected my values. I found myself looking for a provider who would not have large groups as I value the one-to-one and small group environment, but most importantly I was looking for somebody with integrity. The latter criteria enabled me to eliminate a surprising number of providers whose websites were more geared towards data capture than providing me with the information I needed. My revised search left me with a short list of… er… just one. That was Nina!

I dropped Nina an initial e-mail with a few questions and when she called me later that day I was so impressed with her approach that I looked no further. Despite it being a few months before I could attend Nina’s programme, she was highly respectful of the fact that I wanted to contact her with a date and I was never chased.

The impact of the NLP on my professional life cannot be underestimated. At Bowles we work increasingly with prestigious clients (including John Lewis, British Airways, Laing O’Rourke). The impact has been at all levels of my working relationships with these clients. It has helped me to have greater influence in stakeholder meetings as well as more tools for getting the best from delegates. The rapport building techniques have enabled a greater impact with delegates on a one-to-one level. I also noticed that the decision makers within client organisations equate NLP with an increased level of credibility.

There were other unexpected spin-offs: I could manage relationships outside of work far better and I have used techniques to assist friends to move out of unhelpful states. I also sleep far better at night especially before running large, complex events.

Victoire Mazounie

A review by Victoire Mazounie

Choosing the right NLP Practitioner course is so difficult - every provider has something different to offer. Where Nina really sets herself apart is the number of people who take part in this course. She restricts this to a limited number which allows you to really practice the techniques and embed your learning. We were fortunate to only be 5!! She creates a warm, environment which makes you want to learn more. It took me 2 years to decide the course I wanted to invest in - Nina was the one that first caught my eye and the one I chose to go with 2 years later! I am so pleased to have followed my gut instinct as learning from Nina was a truly rewarding experience. It was a wonderful course Nina and I cannot wait to set up my own NLP business. Thank you for instilling confidence in me.

A review by Donna-Marie Barrell

I recently completed an NLP Practitioner course run by Nina. Nina created a very welcoming, warm and relaxed environment in which to learn. We were a small group of learners which meant it was easier for us to get to know each other, and there was sufficient time to practise the exercises and ask questions.

Nina is clearly an extremely experienced trainer. There was certainly a lot to take in over the course, however Nina's use of humour and method of teaching made this a very interesting and enjoyable learning experience. I would not hesitate in recommending Nina's courses to others who wish to train in NLP.

A review by Joseph Barrell

I have just completed the NLP Practitioner course with Nina Madden. Nina's knowledge, and ability to impart this to others is impressive. The training days are full and there is a lot to consider. However, the only time success comes before work is in a dictionary, and having put the work in, I am now a qualified Practitioner. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Nina for a first class course, conducted in a warm and friendly environment. I have no doubt whatsoever in highly recommending Nina's course to others who are considering walking this pathway. You have absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Raj Sembi

A review by Raj Sembi

I really enjoyed the NLP Practitioner course taught by Nina. The style of teaching was always engaging and the atmosphere, very relaxed and comfortable. The group was small and intimate which made the learning process more effective for me.

The course was very well structured and I discovered so much about NLP that I never knew.

I'm now looking forward to studying the Master Practitioner course.

Jennifer matthews

A review by Jennifer matthews

It is so difficult to chose a course. There are so many to look at and check out and as you do it, it gets increasingly difficult to choose. When I chose Nina I went with my instincts . I was not wrong. Nina and her course were more than I expected. A Stimulating and engaging course, in a comfortable and easy going setting. The group was small , which is a great advantage , as it allows you to question and talk at ease. Nina was very clear in her explanations and the course , although challenging was easy to follow thanks to Nina's clear explanations and great manual. Thank you Nina. I will see you again as I intend to do the coaching and master Practitioner courses as soon as possible . Till then I am proud to be a certified Practitioner, by Nina Madden. Jennifer Matthews