Akiko Kawakami

Akiko Kawakami

Akiko is the ANLP International Ambassador for Japan and is an expert in breaking down challenges into manageable pieces, bringing calm to her clients' lives.

ANLP Roles

From 1st May 2023 Akiko will be the ANLP International Ambassador for Japan.

As an accredited NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer trained in Australia, Akiko is an expert in breaking down challenges into manageable pieces, bringing calm to her clients' lives, and helping them relax and enjoy life more. Her original strengths of focus and ability to deliver expected results, coupled with NLP techniques, make her a master at harmonising chaos.

Akiko's purpose is to bring out the best in people by focusing on their strengths. She firmly believes that we all have the resources within us to achieve our full potential and become who we wish to be to lead the life we choose to lead.

Akiko says,

“I am thrilled to be the ANLP International Ambassador for Japan, and I am grateful to ANLP for offering me this role. My team and I are eager to share ANLP resources with Japanese-speaking people.

Since discovering NLP, life has become much more enjoyable, and I'm passionate about sharing everything I know about it. I seldom feel stressed, frustrated, or angry since practicing NLP. My belief now is that we all have the ability to create the life we choose, and I have accomplished many things that I never thought possible before learning NLP. 

My resume speaks for itself. I have held positions in my career that I once thought were out of reach, returned to university in my 40s while working full-time, started speaking in front of people face-to-face and online, and delivered management and human resources management subjects at Certificate and Diploma levels in English. Now, I deliver NLP courses in Japanese, leading to the establishment of another NLP coaching and training organisation with graduates of my course.

I have worked with countless people who have felt lost or confused in their lives. My intention is to be the light that guides them on their journey to find their path and reach their desired destination. Everyone feels lost, overwhelmed, or stuck in a chaotic situation at times in their lives. During those moments, it may be challenging to decide on a destination, and that is completely fine. 

We can choose to have fun in life. We can choose to be happy. If anyone  is struggling to believe this, it's the best time to seek coaching.

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