Lizzi Larbalestier

Lizzi Larbalestier

Lizzi is one of the ANLP's Regional Ambassadors, an ANLP Accredited Trainer, ICF Professional Coach and mBIT Trainer/Master Coach specialising in marine-based change facilitation.

ANLP Roles

Lizzi Larbalestier is the ANLP Regional Ambassador for Cornwall and the NLP Specialist Envoy for the Environment and Oceans.

Lizzi is an ANLP Accredited Trainer, ICF Professional Coach and mBIT Trainer/Master Coach specialising in marine-based change facilitation.

She is an experienced NLP Trainer, beginning her NLP journey in 2002 and certifying as an NLP Trainer in 2007. Her Going Coastal Blue business focuses on Practitioner level training, whilst she has been an associate trainer and certifying trainer for Pegasus NLP since 2009, where in addition to Practitioner, she regularly trains / co-certifies NLP Master Practitioners and NLP Trainers. She was one of the first mBIT Master Coaches and Trainers certifying with Grant Soosalu and as an early adopter of mBIT she is passionate about encouraging NLP professionals to add these tools to their practice.

In her early 20s she spent several years working in the field of animal rescue alongside the renowned and hugely talented UK animal behaviourist Angela Stockdale. The experience gained supporting the rehabilitation of dogs under control orders and working with feral cats and horses (among other animals) developed her ability to be acutely “present in the moment” and this was perhaps some of the most powerful informal learning she has ever integrated. Attending to the subtleties of verbal and non-verbal communication, were attributes she accessed throughout a successful career within the corporate sector heading up the UK Learning and Development function for a major retailer. These skills she naturally still draws on within her life and current work. She is an advocate of unconventional learning approaches, fostering creativity and curiosity through playfulness. A qualified sports therapist and yoga teacher she recognises the importance of mind / body connection when it comes to being able to perform at our best.

Lizzi is a lifelong learner and captivated by the developments of applied neuro-science. An advanced recreational free-diving instructor, she pays close attention to breath, so her NLP practice encourages embodied coherence and cognition. She has independently researched the impact of blue space upon breath efficacy in collaboration with two universities and works closely with colleagues in the US to champion and develop the field of neuro-conservation. This (Blue Mind) field championed by Dr Wallace J Nichols, focuses upon the cognitive, emotional, psychological, social and spiritual benefits of healthy oceans and waterways, particularly studying the impact of time spent near, in, on and under water.

She is regularly asked to speak on the topic of Beach Wisdom / Coastal Coaching, with her practice incorporating a range of applied social / psychological models – not least NLP. She works outdoors at the Cornish coast whenever the weather is favourable, attracting clients from all over the UK to travel to experience a distinctly littoral training / coaching experience. She also facilitates training out on the West Coast of California… trading the Atlantic Ocean for the Pacific Ocean.

She has developed a Blue Health Coaching™ approach incorporating a range of modalities including NLP, applied neuroscience and environmental psychology and is now training Blue Health Coaches. In addition to her training / coaching / consultancy practice, Lizzi is also currently writing a book entitled “Beach Wisdom – A Guide to Blue Health Coaching™”, due for publishing early 2020.

In addition to proudly representing ANLP as ANLP Regional Ambassador for Cornwall, she is massively curious about pretty much anything relating to personal / social / environmental dynamics - she loves people, animals, the environment and is hugely grateful to run a business that enables her to facilitate and observe people learning and growing on a daily basis within a variety of contexts. She is an ocean lover, wife of Julian (a book addict), the mother of several cats and currently owned by two and one dog. She coaches, facilitates, trains NLP and mBIT and teaches yoga. She is an environmental activist passionate about marine conservation, spending a lot of time at the beach and in the sea surfing and free-diving … and she also keep bees.

In Lizzi's words,

I believe learning, laughter, awe, gratitude, curiosity and access to blue space are essential for emotional and physical well-being and the refinement of well developed social skills.  My purpose is to assist others in developing a personal sense of “liquid ontology“ for a world that is distinctly analogue!

As a Blue Health Coach Lizzi supports a number of marine conservation NGOs with training and coaching – and in addition donates one third of her time to ocean health and marine wildlife cause activities.  She is an on call marine mammal medic and regional fundraising co-ordinator for British Divers Marine Life rescue a charity who rescue and rehabilitate / release injured seals and cetaceans. Her role as a regional rep and plastic free communities leader with Surfers Against Sewage (S.A.S.) involves engaging community led action and influencing policy makers to promote a circular economy, reduce waste and protect our ocean. A Keep Britain Tidy litter heroes ambassador and a founder of Ghostbusters ALDFG - a group who recover and recycle industrial scale ghost fishing nets (abandoned lost and discarded fishing gear), she is globally informed in all things relating to sustainability and the environmental agenda. As an ambassador and spokesperson for Blue Mind she advocates for the ocean as a health resource and as such emphasises our need to make ecologically sound decisions.

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