R Ramesh Prasad

R Ramesh Prasad

An accidental NLP Trainer is how I choose to address myself. Choose to embrace what came up in this journey of change.

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An accidental NLP Trainer is how I choose to address myself. Choose to embrace what came up in this journey of change. And this was very unlikely of how I was earlier…where I had my life designed the way I wanted starting from my career with the corporate world where I was highly successful. Rewards and awards were part of my daily living. And then to let go off almost everything, recognition, name, fame, money only to embrace what came up before me with hesitation, uncertainty, doubt and fear of the unknown.  Twelve years down the line when I look back, I have had received so much from this space of acceptance. International business, certifying a thousand delegates, soulful of followers who lives had change, addition member in the family and a new home a new environment. And that is my sincere wish to all who show up in my NLP workshop. 

India, my homeland is a country of many colours, shades, where life and living is celebrated by been holistically spiritual like my Dad was. But not me, for growing in an environment being the eldest son, to shoulder family responsibility with a convent schooling, led me to follow whatever was considered rational rather than traditions. The more I shone in that space, the realities of the corporate world became a part of my belief system. Well, it gave me what I wanted in that part of my life for about 18 years.  Identity, success and fame.  To let go off them my ego came as a stumbling block. Meeting some of the finest teachers on my journey of learning NLP, helping me to arrive where I am today, more importantly connecting to the core of India as far as possible, tradition, culture, values, spirituality and yes, celebrating living.

That’s my story and my wish to each of you who join my courses is to experience and script your own story that can inspire the world in beautiful ways.  

With a corporate background of two decade across food, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, banking and a decade as an entrepreneur, I currently engage leaders, senior executives, community thought leaders as well as everyday people of influence, who are changing the world, using the versatile models, available through Neuro-Linguistic Programming. My work has taken me to different parts of India, Sri Lanka, France, The UK and South Africa and continues to be so. The core of NLP is modelling excellence and this enables me to learn and share from the best.  

I live in the east coast of Chennai along with my wife Tulsi and daughter Gayanthika.

About my brand Onefluencer:

Founded in the year 2008, Onefluencer is an NLP training and Coaching organisation that acts as a window to the world when it comes to international Training in India. It’s one among the few, to provide all levels of NLP certification, starting from the Foundation to Practitioner, Master & Trainer, having certified a thousand certified Practitioners,
Masters & Trainers.

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