Slavica Squire

Slavica Squire

Slavica is the founder of the NLP Institute in Serbia serving South East Europe and she has the vision to bring us all together...

ANLP Roles

Slavica Squire is the first Accredited NLP & Coaching Educator in Serbia, Vice President of the European Coaching Association (ECA) and a licensed Master Coach of International Coaching Federation (ICF). She is recognized as a leading NLP Trainer, Coach, author and authority in the field of NLP for Southeastern Europe, and was recently selected as a finalist for NLP Awards in the Business Category. For more than twenty years, she has been constantly learning from the biggest authorities in the field of NLP (Stephen Gilligan, Robert Dilts, Michael Hall…) and has applied her knowledge to improve the lives of more than 8,000 of her clients. She is the author of a number of thematic online programs and trainings on applied NLP, as well as three books in this field.

Slavica is the NLP International Ambasssador for Serbia and the NLP Specialist Envoy for Business.

Slavica is the founder of the NLP Institute in Serbia serving South East Europe and she has the vision to bring us all together, to change and to create the change we want in the world around us.

She has a huge following in South Eastern Europe and is a proactive leader in the NLP Community. Slavica embodies the ethos of ANLP and demonstrates how positively and well delivered NLP can change the society we live in.

Slavica says,

We are determined to explore the somewhat unexpected idea to help change our environment and to support the explosion of human resources that will advance and elevate our country, all surrounding countries, and thus the entire world.

While others are dealing with the problem of brain drain and focus their energy and time on solving the problems of outdated and dysfunctional educational systems and business models, we take a completely different approach.

We use the latest scientific knowledge and models of the most successful innovative young individuals and companies from around the world to create a whole new successful and modern model of affection, business and education, and to teach others how to implement it in their work and life in general.

'Of all the frictional forces, the one that slows down human progress most is ignorance. Holiness in the world can only arise as a natural consequence of universal enlightenment.' Nikola Tesla

The NLP Institute is the first in Serbia, and it was founded with the idea that this practical methodology will be made available in our area. In addition to professional NLP training accredited to the highest world standards and internationally recognized certificates, the NLP Institute sets the foundation for the philosophy and methodology that has become standard in our business environment.

We support leaders of the 21st century to make a positive difference in the world in which we work and live, to elevate our people and to inspire them to become the best version of themselves. We teach them how to support, heal, harmonize the community and society, teach others, and constantly evolve and learn.

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