ANLP Recommended Minimum Practitioner Course Content

If you are checking out courses, you may find this recommended minimum core content for a Practitioner course useful:

  • presuppositions of NLP
  • present to desired state model
  • well formedness conditions for outcomes
  • state management
  • rapport
  • pacing and leading
  • sensory acuity
  • calibration
  • representational systems (sensory predicates and accessing cues)
  • association, dissociation and perceptual positions
  • accessing and building resources
  • meta model
  • milton model
  • anchoring (basic, stacking, collapsing, chaining)
  • submodalities (analogue, digital, critical and driver)
  • swish pattern
  • standard belief change
  • strategies
  • o   TOTES
  • o   well formedness conditions for strategies
  • o   eliciting, calibrating and utilizing strategies
  • o   pattern interrupts
  • NLP frames
  • o   outcome frame
  • o   backtrack frame
  • o   relevancy frame
  • o   as if frame
  • o   open frame
  • o   discovery frame
  • o   agreement frame
  • reframing
  • content/context reframe
  • o   6 step reframe
  • o   spotting and utilising incongruity
  • visual squash
  • new behaviour generator
  • chunking and sequencing
  • basic timeline work
  • logical levels


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