Bringing My Vision Into Reality

I stopped making resolutions a few years ago and instead began to focus on intentions...

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Bringing My Vision Into Reality

Posted by Ifeoma Nembhardt on

We’re at that time of year where resolutions are made, vision boards are created, gym memberships bought, and new eating habits are decided. According to research, by February about 80% of new year’s resolutions will have already been broken! 

I stopped making resolutions a few years ago and instead began to focus on intentions which required reflection on where and I am and a vision of where I would like to be, why I want to be there and why I’m not there already, before setting goals. 

To really make sure that I am aligned in bringing my vision into reality, I now challenge myself with the following: 


Understanding what really drives a decision from a non-judgemental position makes an intention so much clearer. Is the real why because I want significance, or love, or certainty or maybe because of a negative emotion or limiting belief I haven’t dealt with? If I deal with what is underlying, do I still really want it? Understanding why I don’t already have it, is just as important. Why am I not there yet? Is it that the vision was not clear enough? Is it that I have not focused and associated myself? Is it apathy, or fear of failure, or of success? Honestly understanding why, I don’t yet have it, and again coming from a place of understanding, love and no judgement, allows me to really see things as they are.


Reading the poem ‘The Dash’ by Linda Ellis and subsequently the illness and death of my father also triggered something deeper in me. Cemeteries filled with hopes and dreams that were never realised and lives somehow contained within this small dash between birth and death dates. I committed to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ in as much of my life as I could.

The Japanese describe this as ‘Ikigai’ which means ‘reason for being’. A key element for me, especially as a Christian, is to look at how I am impacting the world and also showing appreciation for the gift of life. How am I making those that interact with me feel? Am I contributing to something bigger than myself? Will this intention or goal help me in doing that? Am I making my dash mean something?

Borrowing belief

I’m not always in a powerful state. I remind myself to step into it sometimes. Self-talk can get loud. Sometimes I catch myself, sometimes I don’t. What I’ve found helpful is to borrow belief from what I call my ‘Tribe’. These are my trusted family members, friends, coaches, accountability partners, mentors and my faith which helps to keep me on track and in the right state to achieve. 

I’ve found having these three foundational areas has been key in enabling me to bring my visions into reality. Is there anything similar or different you do when building and working on your vision?

Ifeoma Nembhardt
Ifeoma Nembhardt (Member post)

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