Updating my ANLP Profile Led to New Business

Within a few weeks I had an enquiry from my profile from nearly 500 miles away in Scotland… Wow!

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Updating my ANLP Profile Led to New Business

Posted by Wendy Soper on

It was Summer 2023 and I received my first printed copy of Rapport (issue 79) excitedly I started reading through page by page. I was really drawn into the heading ‘Can You Figure This Out? page 24 Best Practice by Kash Falconer.

Reading through methodically each word in every paragraph, I was curious only 35% of ANLP members have a complete profile (I was one of the 65% who didn't have a complete profile!)  … and yet a huge 75,000 new people come to the ANLP website every year, potentially looking for US!

I would previously have said I am not very articulate when it comes to writing/typing any of that ‘stuff’ so in the past I would always have the greatest of intentions and know it needs to be done! However I would always find myself working on something else other than the most important task like fully completing my profile.

Until . . . Issue 79! . . .

Reading the article I began watching and reading every single support guide. Once I had completed that task I went over to my ANLP profile and used my new knowledge, and the format in ‘My dashboard’, to click through to my ‘Profile’ where I began editing and updating my profile, putting into action what I had learnt. 

Previously on my profile I had a photo, some reviews and one short paragraph introducing myself and I had around 23 visits. The sections are broken down to edit your profile and this really does help working through section by section, taking my time, I completed a full profile that I was really proud of.

Within a few weeks I had an enquiry from my profile from nearly 500 miles away in Scotland… Wow!

We had a discovery call and my new client proceeded to have 3 complete sessions. This initial contact I believe was all made possible because I had done the work and now have a fully completed profile.

I found the Edit profile format nice and easy to use with a great question on each section to support people like me who may initially find it a bit of a stretch!

I now have over 200 profile views and every single one is looking for something and it might just be me or it could be you, I would encourage us all to keep our profiles regularly updated.


Wendy Soper
Wendy Soper (Member post)

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