Two That Are One

The Twin Flame Soul Mate is the one we are all searching for, be it consciously or not.

Two That Are One ISBN: 978-1-78088-110-2

Two That Are One

By Heather Lealan

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Matador (1 April 2012) | [email protected]


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The Twin Flame Soul Mate is the one we are all searching for, be it consciously or not. Whether you believe in their existence or not, we are all and have always been, journeying towards The One! Why are we searching for this, and what is it all about? Without doubt, it is no ordinary relationship and not what many may think. Most definitely a privilege, an honour, and yet not for the faint-hearted, it is the only relationship that offers the sacred union with the eternal lover. Although everyone's personal journey and experience will be unique to them, this is the story of the journey back to God, to our divine self and the legendary Twin Flame Soul Mate. Once united with the divine, these two become Divine Complements and inherit a much more profound and significant state of being. Two that are One is a romantic story of the journey that eventually all souls will make, no matter how long it may take, and will appeal to fans of new age, spiritual and fantasy fiction. If you are searching for divine truth and are not afraid to let go of preconceived ideas, if you are perhaps disillusioned with conventional religious instruction or are perhaps just interested in a good romantic fantasy, then Two that are One is for you. "This book tells you the truth that deep within the soul everyone longs to find; it tells the truth that others simply cannot, will not or dare not,"?says author Heather.

A spiritual, romantic fantasy offering real-life relevance…

You’ll be taken on a journey that covers different lifetimes and dimensions. Those who don’t like the religious references shouldn’t shy away, and could replace words to that of their liking – “universal intelligence” for example. It feels the main characters are re-connecting to the qualities of “the One” within and service of their Higher Purpose. They're encouraged by the highest form of expressions, pure consciousness, forgiveness, unconditional love and courage. Observed with sincere compassion, Amber’s experience is a truthful depiction of how what happens around us is a reflection on what’s on the inside.

Insightful for those familiar with the twin flame energy, ready to take their process to newer heights, or for those interested in finding out more; its nature in the physical and non-physical realms is illustrated through vivid dreams, powerful metaphors and real-life, earthy chapters. The book may seem too fast-paced for those who aren’t familiar with this energy and the deep inner work called for. It’s empowering for those who are ready and willing, and feel intuitively called to explore – trust that intuition. It’s up to you, as the reader, how far you may take what awakens within you; – contemplate and enjoy the storyline, or feel inspired by the opportunity for inner work with the right tools, - NLP certainly jumps to mind. The author’s poetry and drawings add a special touch to the authentic experience.

A timely reminder of the necessity to courageously face and heal patterns that affect the quality of our human experience. “Two that are one” is a promising prompt about our responsibility…that is, our ability to respond to what’s in the unconscious mind. It invites us to own our power of choice in how it may shape all areas of our life, and our collective direction as humanity.

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