Developing a Clear Sense of Purpose

This client transitioned from listless and drifting, to focussed, with a clear sense of purpose.

Developing a Clear Sense of Purpose

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The challenge

"I was drifting through the second year of Covid 19 unsure in a number of areas of my life and lacking a sense of purpose. Events at the end of 2019 and start of 2020 all coincided at the same time to create a vacuum. This was the first time in my working career I didn’t wake every day motivated to achieve a goal or fulfil a mission."

The effect

The client described themselves as listless, unfocussed, unmotivated, unhappy, unfulfilled. 


Through a combination of online 1-2-1 sessions and between session exercises, we explored:

- their values and priorities to understand what gave them a sense of purpose; and

- how they typically experienced motivation and how they could create that state for themselves.


"I no longer feel listless and unfocused. Instead the enjoyment of a good day’s work as part of a team with real integrity and vision has returned. I feel not like the old me, I feel like a newer better me."

"It makes one positive and happy again. Great feelings to have and I am grateful."

Emma Menzies
Emma Menzies

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