Stuck in a Rut to Empowered and Progressing

This client transitioned from unmotivated and unproductive to fully motivated and confidently building her business.

Stuck in a Rut to Empowered and Progressing

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The challenge

"Before I invested in coaching with Emma I was truly stuck in a rut, career-wise and in my daily life. The only thing I felt good at was procrastinating. I was unmotivated and unproductive. My confidence was at an all-time low and I felt trapped".

The effect

"I was angry at myself for being lazy and kept telling myself I would never experience success again and I had no place starting a business. The harder I was on myself, the less motivated I became, this was starting to spiral, and I knew I had to make a change".


We explored:

- where they were versus where they wanted to be and the resources they already had and needed to move them towards that;

- their values and priorities; and

- the habitual thoughts and behaviours which were blocking their progress and more empowering alternatives. 


"Now, as a result of our work together, I have learned valuable skills that have turned my life around. Emma helped me to break down the sense of overwhelm I was experiencing and enabled me to take one, concentrated step at a time towards my goals. Working with Emma showed me how to focus and helped me to understand the language I was using when talking to myself and how it was having a negative impact. Some small, seemingly simple changes empowered me to adjust my mindset and move forward with confidence. Another valuable insight I discovered was where my values lie and what it is I really want in life. Once I understood this, I was able to shift my priorities and pinpoint where my energy was best spent. This has made a true difference throughout my daily life."

"If you’re thinking about working with Emma, I highly recommend it. The entire process was a great experience for me, and I was actually shocked at how much I learned. I have been able to apply the skills I have developed across all aspects of my life and now have the ability to start my business feeling confident and motivated."


Emma Menzies
Emma Menzies

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