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When you buy something, it is important to know how it works! For example, when purchasing a car with air conditioning, it would be a shame not to use it on a hot summer day because you didn't know which button to press!

And it is the same when you become an ANLP Member. We believe that we have a lot to offer you as an NLP Professional, and we want you to make sure that you know how (specifically!) to benefit from some of the more intangible benefits included in our Membership Services.

ANLP has a reputation for being professional, credible and synonymous with best standards, and we have a number of practices and procedures which enable us to maintain this status.

These more intangible benefits comprise the ANLP Membership Features.

To maximise Membership opportunities it is important to understand how these individual features enable you to demonstrate your own professionalism and credibility through affiliation to an organisation committed to standards, best practice and the ethical provision of NLP.

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