Improve Your ANLP Online Presence

Included in the annual membership fee for  ANLP Professional and Trainer members is an online profile, through which you get a top 10 ranking in a Google search.

Having  joined ANLP and brought a potential client to the “Shop Window”, follow our top tips to ensure that potential clients think it’s worth clicking on your profile to find out more.


1.       Display a Professional looking  photo
Upload a holiday snap to FaceBook, not to your professional profile! A photo is the first “Business meeting” with a potential client.
2.       About this Practitioner
This is your chance to “Pitch” to the client.  Make sure this is concise and remember your Perceptual Positions.

3.       Link to your own Website
A Professional looking website is a must for any business. Link to it from your ANLP website and improve SEO.

4.       Actions Speak Louder than Words!
Upload a video to Youtube and give clients a taster of what they can expect from you.

5.    Contact Details
Make it easier to contact you but use your online common sense
ANLP will NEVER display  member  personal details

6.    Specialist skills
Potential clients can search for specialisms, so list yours as appropriate

7.    Diary Events
Event information  from the ANLP online diary will be published in Rapport quarterly magazine, on your online profile pages and in the  ANLP online events listing.

8.   Case Studies
Do Publish your Case Studies.
9.  Accreditation
Whether you are a Trainer or a Professional, Accreditation status will give you additional credibility and access to wider membership benefits.

10. Boost your Ranking on the ANLP website itself
The more active you are on the profile, the higher your ranking.
ANLP, as the only professional organisation for NLP in the UK, has a powerful, credible  marketing tool at members disposal: make sure that you are one of the members that make the most of it.


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