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Sonia Khera

Membership LevelProfessional Member
Phone Number+44 (0) 208 931 4433
Practice/Training Locations Greater London Serve clients on site in person and on the telephone both nationally and internationally.

Sonia Khera is an NLP qualified and experienced Executive Performance Coach & Mentor with a senior management background successfully developed within Global Telecommunications, Public Sector and UK SME commercial market across a variety of business disciplines: Network Optimisation & Development, National & International Marketing, Quality Management, National & International Business Development, and International Service Management.

She has coached and mentored senior management board members and developed management talent transitioning to senior positions across key business sectors: Healthcare, Information Technology, Automotive & Transport Services, Telecommunications Publishing and Leisure.

Sonia specializes in strategic Executive Career development to facilitate leaders & management to achieve performance milestones. She offers sound commercial awareness with a proven record of success with professionals developing potential, enhancing talent and accelerating career progression.

Development Areas Include:
1. Management and Leadership
2. People management skills
3. Career planning
4. Effective communication: influencing and asserting
5. Networking and developing sales confidence
6. Stress and conflict management strategies
7. Managing Change
8. Time Management

1. Peak performance with sustained motivation
2. Work/life balance and job satisfaction
3. Leadership and management effectiveness
4. Successful change: personally, professionally and organisationally
5. Excellent relationships
6. The ability to cope with uncertainty and stress factors
7. Powerful communication and natural confidence


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