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Suzanne Henwood

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Practice/Training LocationsOffices located in the UK and New Zealand and courses operate across both countries and can be taken internationally. Coaching can be facilitated in both UK and New Zealand in person, or internationally via skype and telephone.

As an NLP Trainer and mBIT Master Coach and Master Trainer, an educator, researcher and a health care professional, I am passionate about helping people to help themselves get more out of life - be that at work (especially in leadership, service orientated roles and health care) or at home. It is my privilege to help people to achieve greater success and joy, for themselves and for their clients / patients and for their professions. To access who they were created to be - to their full potential.

I work individually with clients who are serious about being successful - who want to change, or who want to find (and recreate) themselves in a new and deeper way. Using NLP, Time Line techniques, mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Techniques) and a range of coaching skills, I work with people to get the results they want, with integrity and passion.

As well as offering mBIT Coach Certification and Personal Development courses using mBIT, I also offer a range of off the shelf courses in communication, team building, stress management and leadership and design courses with clients to meet their specific needs.

In addition, I work from an academic frame, bringing research and evidence based practice into my practice to enhance the credibility of NLP and mBIT through effective proven pathways.

Finally, I am the New Zealand Ambassador for ANLP and am very happy to talk to people about the amazing benefits of joining ANLP in New Zealand and exploring together how we can support you locally.

If you feel you would like to talk through how I could be of help - please do feel free to get in touch.


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