Cameron Bradley

Cameron Bradley

Cameron is a NLP, Time Based Techniques and Hypnosis Practitioner in Brighton.

Cameron helps people overcome obstacles in order to achieve permanent positive change to their lives. He has experience helping a wide range of people from academics and musicians to movie producers and martial artists.


NLP Practitioner

Trained by Terry Elston

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Trained by Terry Elston

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I was recommended Cameron by a friend and am very grateful. He worked with me helping me to establish clarity with career goals that I was struggling with. After our initial session was so successful I sought his skills for a second time when I was struggling with a personal/ relationship issue. He was amazing I would happily recommend him and use him in the future!

An experence that has finally enabled me to open my eyes to My world

I recently had the pleasure of working with Cameron on a number of personal issues to which a number of medical professionals could not resolve.

His professional yet relaxed approach enhanced with his effective rapport enabled me to access a number of locked memories with a variety of flowing techniques.

Cameron has enabled me to transform my view and meaning of the past which has removed so many barriers in my life and has given me a clear picture of my future.

Since our session I have made a number of life decisions which has removed the chains of my past.

Thank you Cameron, I definitely would recommend anyone to work with you.


Cameron has enabled me to break through the barriers that were holding me back from moving forward in many key areas of my life.
Highly recommended.


Cameron helped me to gain clarity on my vision, purpose and values

At the time I was struggling with having the self-confidence to pursue my creative career path, following a range of questioning techniques, Cameron helped me to first identify and then overcome my limiting beliefs before supporting me in creating a specific path of clear goals to achieve. I would thoroughly recommend Cameron for anyone who is feeling stuck and unsure of what direction to take.

Simon Reddick

Cameron Bradley

As someone who has had significant mental health issues in the past and tried various therapies including cognitive behavioral therapy (C.B.T a common and highly recommended therapy for depression), inter personal therapy (I.P.T. a therapy course focusing specifically on relationships) and general counselling I was intrigued to try NLP.
The first thing I would say is that it was very complementary to courses I have completed in the past. I found it to be focused purely on creating a positive mindset. We can all be guilty of getting stuck in a rut or just continuing bad habits that can erode feelings of wellbeing. Where I found NLP and particularly Cameron to be useful was by bringing these things in to focus and exploring why these patterns of behaviour become so ingrained. Although I always felt in control of the issues I wanted to discuss the techniques used by Cameron brought up surprising memories and experiences which without his guidance I would not have linked to particular issues in my life.
I found Cameron to be caring and sensitive but with a dogged determination and genuine pro active approach to go through the process regardless of how long it takes. He exudes a persona of wanting to help you create a more positive mindset to overcome life's obstacles and skillfully pushes you where necessary but never in a way that would make you feel uncomfortable.
Overall I would say that NLP has been a constructive process in changing and bettering myself and that Cameron is a superb practitioner to whom I owe huge thanks.


Session with Cameron Intuitive with ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome

I have ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, dyslexia and completed a few sessions with Cameron. I found Cameron really good at putting me at ease while being intuitively adept at getting to the root of the problem or issue at hand and he has a natural ability of spotting where to go even if you are not aware of it yourself. He helped me identify and release tension and apprehensiveness through a series of exercises and brought things I was not aware of into my immediate awareness through the session. I would highly recommend Cameron as his abilities are not only learnt but naturally adept skill set that is ideally suited in this field.

Imogen Bellwood

NLP wth Cameron Bradley

I decided to try NLP with Cameron after experiencing a general malaise related to lack of career success. It was easy to find a mutually convenient time. Cameron set me at ease by clearly explaining the NLP process and led through the experience with great insight, whilst asking probing questions that helped to get to the root of the matter. Cameron described the process as ‘clearing out your internal garden’, and we went through several past experiences that had contributed to my general negative attitude. It was very interesting and revelatory to understand that these things were leading to personal behaviour holding me back, and to realise that some of the simple processes Cameron guided me through could lead to an instant positive changes in experience and outcomes. There was also plenty of space in the session to explore side issues and other aspects that were bothering me or merely interesting, and to engage in self-reflection. Although it may seem trivial, an incredibly comforting part of the whole experience was that the session was not bounded by an arbitrary time-deadline of a certain number of minutes. We took as long as needed to work through issues and let the session come to a natural conclusion – because Cameron really cares about solving the problem first and foremost, and clearly take great professional and personal satisfaction in his practice. As can be imagined, this made the whole experience feel incredibly comfortable and safe, and gives you assurance that your interests are at the centre.


A skilled and intuitive practitioner

As I am a therapist, I engaged with NLP with Cameron out of professional curiosity as much as personal interest. I was familiar with some of the components of NLP but was pleasantly surprised at the overlap between the techniques he used and aspects of my own practice. Working with Cameron on relationship issues was revelatory and helped me to delineate some of the links between current and past experiences that had not occurred to me before. Cameron is warm, intelligent and insightful, and the treatment proceeded at a comfortable pace. I would recommend his services for anyone who is interested in exploring NLP for the first time.

- Jacob Ellwood, chartered counselling psychologist

Charlie Butt

Session with Cameron Bradley

I began the session with with little knowledge and expectations, but left taking home some valuable techniques and could certainly feel a positive and impactful shift. In fact, it was not long after the session that I was able to find the confidence to alter the very issue we were focusing on.
Cameron had an assertive yet empathic nature during our session, which suited the circumstance and myself.
I am interested to explore further with Cameron in the future.

Simon Sullivan

What a fulfilling experience - review of Cameron Bradley

Cameron and I talked about NLP by chance as I was investigating ways to overcome my feelings of failure and inadequacy that were present and impacting almost all aspects of my life. I was sceptical at first because I had been to therapy and coaching before … but I was wrong!

I felt very comfortable talking through my feelings and past experiences. I had a single LP session with Cameron, and I was very impressed with the approach, his mastery of the technique, and also of the lasting change the experience has had on me. I was able to recognise the impact that my early memories of events had had on my behaviours and beliefs and how I was subconsciously holding myself back. Even little things like my tennis and martial arts have improved because of the change in my mindset. I only needed a single session and this is in huge contrast with other approaches I've tried that build self awareness without confronting the underlying triggers - this single session was much more effective and better value than other things I've tried.

I have since recommended both Cameron and the use of NLP to my friends and family because I know firsthand that it is a powerful technique when administered by someone who cares about good outcomes like Cameron does.

Thank you Cameron!