Cameron Bradley

Cameron Bradley

Cameron is a NLP, Time Based Techniques and Hypnosis Practitioner in Brighton.

Cameron helps people overcome obstacles in order to achieve permanent positive change to their lives. He has experience helping a wide range of people from academics and musicians to movie producers and martial artists.


NLP Practitioner

Trained by Terry Elston

NLP Master Practitioner

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Charles Villliers

Review of session with Cameron Bradley

I left Cameron’s session today feeling energised and positive. I have the distinct feeling that experiences I have carried for many many years are just no longer going to hold sway over me. When a memory arises that is perhaps troubling, I have the means simply to ‘go there’ and give my former self support. In this way, I have become my own best friend and protector.
During the session, Cameron immediately put me at ease with his pragmatic and friendly manner. He is attentive, generous and funny, but never intrusive. In fact, it is possible to have the whole session without divulging anything particularly personal. That being said, talking with Cameron is not difficult. What grew during our session was a shared enthusiasm to get the job done. Hence, it felt purposeful, focused and even exciting. It is work of a kind and of course there were painful moments – who hasn’t got memories that sting – but the sense that these were in the process of being neutralised was thrilling.
I thoroughly recommend Cameron as an NLP practitioner because he is deeply self-aware, unpretentious and yet very skilled at the task at hand. I am no expert on NLP and there is an element of mystery about how the process works, but you know it when it has. For this reason, I am very grateful for Cameron’s help and believe you will be too.

Russell Blake

Cameron Bailey

I recommend Cameron highly , if it can be articulated in language in can be positively changed or removed .



A highly beneficial experience conducted in a professional yet comforting manor.
Cameron has exceptional and insightful skills and has successfully enabled me to deal with issues head on that have plagued me for years.
I highly recommend his services and will indeed be calling upon his expertise again in the near future.

Brian N

A thoroughly worthwhile experience!

I had a series of sessions with Cameron totalling approximately 15 hours - which were conducted online over the course of several months during the 2020 coronavirus ‘lockdown’.

NLP as a form of therapy was a new concept for me, but having invested thousands of pounds and untold hours in regular counselling sessions without any major breakthroughs I was ready to try something different.

I found it both a fascinating and helpful process. Anyone who has embarked on a course of talking therapy will know that it can be difficult to open up to a stranger concerning painful episodes in one’s life but Cameron is intuitive and has a light touch so I needn’t have worried.

A central part of the process is to uncover and ‘reframe’ life events that are causing emotional blockages. I was amazed to find us homing in on memories that had never come up in previous counseling sessions, such as a vivid childhood recollection of nearly drowning, which had been compounded several years later by being stuck on a ferry with my mother in a force 12 storm.

The basic idea (in layman’s terms) is to bring these memories into the light; to bridge the gap between our conscious and unconscious minds as a way of regaining control and correcting any residual subconscious influences that such memories might hold.

If you are open minded enough to engage with something new and by traditional standards a bit ‘leftfield’, I can thoroughly recommend the process - and Cameron as a practitioner. My assessment having previously engaged in hundreds of hours of 'talking therapy' is that this method is much more geared towards seeking out the root causes of the emotional or psychological problems we face - and laying them to rest as quickly as possible.

Adam P

Thanks Cameron

Cameron provided invaluable help to me with the painful end of a relationship. NLP with him has allowed me to return to past situations and define the extent of my role in, and responsibility for, what transpired so that I could start to find forgiveness for myself and forge ahead positively and proactively. I would highly recommend Cameron for the effectiveness of his approach and the compassion he exudes.

Review by Paul

Cameron has been an excellent NLP practitioner to work with. He has consistently helped me to uncover the things that I need to work on, he’s a master of timeline therapy and has a deft, sensitive touch.

Cameron works in very thorough methodical and calm way and is a great guide into the realms of limiting belief and decisions. I can’t recommend him enough.

Duncan Howell

First NLP Session

I had never used NLP or even considered the practice as therapy and was somewhat sceptical of the process as means to re-framing my own experiences. Cameron put my mind at ease and introduced the method and the program so I didn't feel there was any hidden agendas. He spoke clearly and empathetically about the process and immediately I felt I had made the right choice. For a first session, and someone who has tried a variety of therapies, NLP seemed to be really clear, practical and patient centred. It felt that I had begun to touch on experiences and new feelings that it took weeks for other therapies to touch on. It was only my first session but I am looking to take this further with the help of Cameron. I really appreciate the professional and caring role that Cameron has presented and it's given me impetus to explore this. Thank you

Rob Ross

25 years of suffering gone

I came to Cameron to get some help with my anxiety and depression. He was extremely personable and I felt at ease from the moment we met. He came across as very intuitive and his ability to guide me into looking at what was causing my suffering was uncanny. In the session he helped me see that the anxiety and depression I was experiencing was a symptom of a belief that I’m not good enough. He then used some really noninvasive tools to help me look at and process this belief, (that I was unaware I was still holding on to and believing some 25 years later) in turn alleviating all those years of suffering. I highly recommend working with Cameron to look at, process and resolve any issues you may be stuck with.

Tom Hancox

Through off the load

Cameron Bradley is the 5th NLP practitioner I have been to over the past 20 years. I had always found the therapy helpful but in the first session Mr Bradley put me right back to my birth. He guided me through childhood and opened long forgotten memories. I was able to comfort my younger self,reassure him that he is loved and change long held views. That first session with Mr Bradley transformed me, I felt light and full of joy like I could leap a river.

[Name withheld]

Value Of NLP

I worked with Cameron and found the process beneficial. It is based around talking through your past and current life experiences and identifying issues that have not been resolved. Your subconscious continues to be aggravated by these unresolved experiences which can cause problems for everyday mental wellbeing. Through guided discussion, Cameron helps to identify and resolve these problem issues. I found him to be excellent at practicing this type of NLP therapy.