NLP Professional Values Elicitation Project

In the summer of 2000, with the sponsorship of NLP University in Santa Cruz, California, Robert Dilts undertook the NLP Millennium Project.  The goal of this was to identify some of the core values which make us a global community.

•    The identification of these values can help to solidify the bonds between people within the community (as well as attract others who also share those values to the field), and define ethical guidelines for the practice of NLP.

•    The communication of these values to people within other professional groups and communities can help to strengthen the credibility of NLP and increase the appreciation for the intentions and motivations of NLP practitioners.

Over a decade on, and with kind permission from Robert, we are about to model the Millennium Project in order to gain insights into the core values held by NLP Professionals today. We hope to better understand those core values held by NLP Professionals which relate to their 'mission' or 'calling' when working with NLP. 

Our aim is to survey as many people working in NLP as we can, so the results are representative of the NLP Community. We are, therefore, inviting as many people as we can to participate in this project and we would be really grateful if you would participate yourself, as well as circulating this invitation to your own NLP contacts.

How can I take part?

1.    Before entering the survey, please elicit your top three values specifically relating to your work with NLP. Questions you could ask yourself when considering this include:

•    "Why am I personally involved in NLP?"

•    "What is important to me when I am working with NLP?"

2.    When you have elicited your values relating to your NLP work, please rank your values in order of importance to you.

•    Then select the top 3 only.
•    For each of these top 3 values, think about what, specifically, this value means to you.

3.    When you have your top 3 values and what they specifically mean to you, please go to the Values Elicitation Survey, so you can record your answers.

If you are interested in the results of this project, you can enter your name and contact details at the end of the survey. We will only contact you with information relating to the survey results.


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