Lindsey Agness

Lindsey Agness

Lindsey is the Founder and Managing Director of Team NLP. She is the first female Master Trainer to be accredited by ABNLP.

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Lindsey is the Founder and Managing Director of Team NLP. She is the first female Master Trainer of NLP In the UK accredited through the American Board of NLP.

Lindsey has spent 25 years working as a business consultant, coach, facilitator, trainer and motivational coach. Prior to setting up her own business, Lindsey spent 11 years as a change management & behavioural change specialist at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Her focus has always been to enable professional and personal change. In the corporate world, her biggest successes have been helping corporate clients to achieve their results by engaging with their people. With personal clients she helps them overcome their limiting beliefs and build their confidence to take on new challenges. She always keeps front of mind what she calls the ‘Three P’s’. Enabling clients to renew purpose and passion to achieve their true potential in their lives. 

In 1997 when working at PwC, she found herself as a senior manager regularly in meetings with lots of grey suited men. It was a challenge to be heard.  Her mentor recommended that she attend an NLP course. Although she had never come across it before she decided to give it a go. Her Practitioner course blew her away. She got so much more than some new communication skills and she knew that NLP would be a part of her future – though maybe she didn’t realise quite how big a role it was destined to play. Lindsey went onto become a Master Practitioner of NLP in 1998 and a Trainer of NLP in 2000. She was still in the corporate world at this point and knew that her destiny was outside as an entrepreneur.

She began modestly by running taster NLP weekends in the village hall behind her house. She was also invited to run NLP courses for PwC. All these helped to build her confidence and in 2005 she set up The Change Corporation offering change management consulting to the corporate world and open NLP courses to Master Practitioner level.  Often there were opportunities to offer NLP to her corporate clients as well. And, all her corporate leadership development events have a foundation of NLP. In fact, NLP permeates to the core of her work, whatever she is doing.  

Since 2005, Lindsey has run open taster NLP days, Practitioner and Master Practitioner programmes. She also started her path to Master Trainer of NLP in 2006 as she wanted to learn more and be at the pinnacle of her profession. She studied with David Shephard and Robert Smith. The journey took until 2012. This was a period that stretched her as a person and helped her become a world-class trainer of trainers. She was challenged during this process to develop the world of NLP and so she started to write. She wrote 4 books about NLP during 2008 and 2011:

  • 'Change Your Life with NLP' – published by Pearson in 2008
  • 'Still 25 Inside' – published by Macmillan in May 2010
  • 'Change Your Business with NLP' – published by Wiley in October 2010
  • 'Lose Weight with NLP' – published by Rodale in January 2011

‘Change Your Life with NLP’ has sold well over 50,000 copies and has been translated into several languages. She also developed her ‘Age with Attitude’ brand during this time focusing on personal development for mid-life women.  Becoming a Master Trainer of NLP in 2012 was one of her proudest moments.  

More recently, Lindsey has been pioneering further developments in the NLP field. She had been concerned for a while that students generally in the NLP field were not being well supported post training, neither was the field offering an NLP ‘career’ structure. In 2018, Lindsey created the Team NLP brand which is designed to be run through her rather than by her in the longer-term. She is building a team of trainers, including her daughter, to work with her to develop the vision:

We have a vision for Team NLP to be leading a global movement in NLP based personal development’. Yes, this is a big audacious vision that will be created by building NLP development hubs all over the world to bring change and success to those seeking much more out of their lives. We believe we are the first NLP training business to not only offer the full-range of accredited NLP development programmes but also to offer our newly qualified students a unique opportunity to join Team NLP and help build a global business transforming the world one person or organisation at a time! What is different about us is that once you have become a Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Trainer or Master Trainer of NLP you can join a team that shares and collaborates to deliver world-class training events in a consistently winning way.

Team NLP will be launching a membership model later in 2019 which will support all levels of students from theirs and other NLP training companies.  

Finally, in Lindsey’s own words:

I’ve spent the majority of my career assisting others not just to cope with change in their lives but to embrace it. Change is inevitable in life. If we are not able to embrace change, we will find ourselves stuck where we are, growing more and more frustrated and unhappy. I was born in the East End of London and was the first woman in my family to go to university and the first to have a successful consulting career within one of the big ‘4’. In my 40’s, I stumbled upon NLP when I was offered the chance to attend a Practitioner course to improve my communication skills by my boss. I was completely blown away by the benefits of the course. I made a decision there and then that NLP would be a key part of my life as it seemed to provide so many practical answers and guidance about how to change and create success in your life. Shortly afterwards I made the scary move into entrepreneurship by starting my own business. The rest is history. I owe so much to NLP as it has enabled me to change my own life and for me to have had an impact on so many other lives too.

I believe that everyone can change their lives and that it is never too late to start. All it takes is a decision to do something differently and that can happen in an instant.

Lindsey was runner-up at the NLP awards 2017 for her outstanding contribution in the category of ‘NLP in Making a Difference’.

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