Steve Andreas

Steve Andreas

Steve was introduced to NLP in 1977, and was one of the first small group to be certified as NLP practitioner, master practitioner, and trainer in 1979, along with his partner, Connirae. He and Connirae co-edited four of the early classic Bandler/Grinder books, Frogs into Princes, Trance-formations, Reframing, and Using Your Brain—for a CHANGE. Steve and Connirae together wrote Heart of the Mind, and Change Your Mind—and Keep the Change. Steve has also written Virginia Satir: the patterns of her magic, modeling how Satir used NLP principles in her work with families, and Transforming Your Self: becoming who you want to be, modeling the structure of self-concept and how to change it quickly and easily.

His most recent two-volume book, Six Blind Elephants: understanding ourselves and each other, presents a “unified field theory” of NLP and personal change, showing how all the different methods of change work can be understood as resulting from changing one or more of three fundamental process variables: 1. The scope of sensory-based experience that we attend to, 2. The way we categorize that scope of experience, and 3. The logical level of the categorization. Steve has produced or co-produced over 50 NLP videotapes, and written numerous NLP articles. He continues to model and write about new NLP patterns and understandings at his home in the foothills of the rocky mountains near Boulder, Colorado.


Steve earned a BS in Chemistry from Caltech in 1957, and an MA in psychology in 1961 from Brandeis University. He taught psychology and social science at a junior college in California from 1962-1970, and did Gestalt Therapy from 1967-1977. He edited Fritz Perls’ Gestalt Therapy Verbatim and In and Out the Garbage Pail, and wrote Awareness: exploring, experimenting, experiencing—all under his previous name, John O. Stevens, which he changed in 1981 when he married Connirae Andreas, and took her last name.


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