Letting go of Perfectionism Permanently.

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Letting go of Perfectionism Permanently.

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The challenge

The client had what they described as a perfectionism streak which they wanted to address and not necessarily get rid of but reduce significantly as it had the capacity to make him nervous. They had tried other things before including NLP so the challenge was notable for me as a NLP Practitioner.

The effect

The client could see that the level of perfectionism they possessed was hampering his expression particularly in creative projects. He were aware he “liked to present a perfect thing” and that a “pressure to perform” could easily arise with certain creative endeavours which would also usher “over-thinking” into the situations to compound the situation further.


The client was already familiar with the techniques we used. He was open to change and already had a hunch it was connected to a memory in childhood so we got his unconscious mind to take us to that memory and complete the memory, which helped, however this was not where his unconscious mind was seeking as he originally believed.

With further inquiry we then went beyond his terrestrial life-time and were led to a genealogical memory with a parent, whom he then embodied through a perceptual position, he made big discoveries followed by equally big changes in this perceptual position and we were given a green light of completion by his unconscious mind, this was evident by a euphoric demonstration of happiness that came over his face and whole being, strongly signalling that we had likely made the necessary missing part his hunch had been seeking which we then checked with his unconscious mind and received confirmation of.


The client said that things had changed for the better and stayed that way (six months later). He described being more able to “let go” of the pressures of perfectionism and he put it very well by saying he was now much more able to freely experience “immersion in the all” and “let it flow” without the negativity that came with perfectionism and that his creative out-put had increased.

Cameron Bradley
Cameron Bradley

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