Due Diligence Assistance

Like many professions, the level of professionalism shown by those in it can vary, sometimes widely, even within those professions which are regulated.

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Due Diligence Assistance

Like many professions, the level of professionalism shown by those in it can vary, sometimes widely, even within those fields which are regulated, such as the medical profession.

NLP and Coaching are unregulated professions, which is why organisations like ANLP exist, in order to provide NLP Professionals with a framework for self regulation, professionalism and a form of accountability.

ANLP is a social enterprise, a community interest company, and as such, we exist to serve the NLP Community and inform the public about generally accepted practices in an unregulated industry. TThese pages are intended to inform people about the globally accepted practices which already exist in our field.

We encourage anyone thinking about NLP Training to undertake due diligence and do the best they can to satisfy themselves that the trainer they intend to use is a recognised trainer within the profession.

Please also take notice of the related articles and categories alongside this article, especially Training in NLP.

Trainers Training

To help with that due diligence, we have compiled a short list of those trainers who do not hold the appropriate, industry recognised certificates in order to deliver NLP Trainers Training. These people have been checked by both ANLP and external sources within the global NLP Community. This means that any students receiving Trainers certification from these individuals or organisations will not be accepted by ANLP for membership at Trainer level:

  • Chris Howard - allegedly received Master Trainer certification with Tad James, however this has been denied by ABNLP
  • Steve Jones, AUNLP - no provable Master Trainer lineage or certification
  • Anthony Beardsell - no provable Master Trainer lineage or certification

Any NLP Training (Practitioner upwards)

In additon, the following people are not appropriately qualified to deliver NLP Training at any level, because they do not hold any recognised NLP Trainer certifications at all. This means that their students will not be accepted by ANLP or any other NLP Association for membership at any level:

  • Liam Collins (The Coaching Masters) 
  • Lewis Taylor (The Coaching Masters)

Coaching Masters are very clear about their position within coaching and NLP on the governance page of their website. Whilst Coaching Masters claim that anyone taking their NLP Courses can 'legally' call themselves an NLP Practitioner, the certification will have no recognition within the professional field of NLP. The use of the word 'legal', in this sense, is misleading and does not reflect the commonly accepted practices of an established field.

People incorrectly claiming they ANLP Membership

It occasionally comes to light that NLP practitioners make incorrect claims about being members of ANLP, when they are not. This is misleading to the public, who trust that a members logo or website claim is valid. We do report practitioners to both Trading Standards and the ASA. If serious claims come to light and are not withdrawn by the practitioner concerned, we publish their names here, in accordance with our Membership Terms and Conditions section 1.3

  • Natalie Lek - uses the members logo on their website but has never been a member of ANLP 

This list is not exhaustive and only contains those names ANLP has checked following enquiries or complaints from the public. If you have any concerns about false membership claims or false training claims, please do contact us.