Taking Control of your Time

RECORDING AVAILABLE - Jeremy Lazarus explains how to take control of your time with some valuable exercises and useful tips

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What you will learn

In this interactive and practical webinar you will learn a simple yet practical and powerful method used by a wide variety of people to help them make the most of their time, both personally and professionally.

Who this is for

This webinar is for all busy people, and especially those who:

  • wonder where their time goes
  • want to take back control of their time
  • want to use their time to become even more productive and less stressed.

The topic has been used by a wide range of people, including busy executives, solopreneurs, coaches, managers and stay-at-home parents.

Your Trainer

Jeremy Lazarus
Jeremy Lazarus (member article)

ANLP Accredited Trainer Member, Jeremy Lazarus, is a former Finance Director and semi-professional footballer, and now a Master Trainer of NLP and a Master Executive Coach. He runs London-based Certified NLP Diploma, Practitioner, Master Practitioner courses and NLP Trainers' Training.