Using Disney Strategy for Creativity

RECORDING AVAILABLE - Andy Coley explains how The Disney Strategy, as a creative process, enables individuals (and teams) to collaboratively plan by focussing their attention

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What will you learn

The Disney Strategy is a creative process that enables individuals (and teams) to collaboratively plan together, by focussing their attention on three mains areas:

   What are we looking to achieve?
   How can we make sure it happens?
   What might go wrong along the way with the plan?

During each stage, the participants would step into a creative space (physically or virtually) that enables them to tap into their ability to dream big, get critical and then plan and problem solve.

Because the session is tailored for each person/team, it drives self-owned and team-initiated changes within an organisation or by the coachee and allows thinking to change at a rapid pace.  This allows outcomes to be explored in a practical and structured way.

The process is called the Disney Strategy because it comes from modelling the approach of Walt Disney, who was known for thinking about projects from three distinct points of view:

1. What, if he was dreaming really big, would he want to achieve?
2. What can he do to get his outcome achieved?
3. If he was being pessimistic, what might go wrong with those dreams?

The Disney Imagineering team (the blend of imagination and engineering) still run their projects utilising these questions.

It drives self-owned and team-initiated changes within a business at a rapid pace, spending more time in the preparation and exploration of the outcomes in a productive and structured way.  

Andy will be sharing the background to the process, the modelling that Robert Dilts did for his book 'Strategies of Genius' and how to use the process for coaching clients and teams.


Who is this for

Come with a project or plan you'd like to make happen, this will be a practical and interactive session where you'll get to utilise the process for yourselves, what better way than to experience it for yourselves.

Andy has used this with many coaching clients and within many industries, join him for a practical guide to creativity.

Your Trainer

Andy Coley
Andy Coley (member article)

I have a unique perspective on situations from large organisations through to individuals and this combined with my experience on a personal and professional level means I really enjoy helping others to change, for the better.