Using NLP for Resilience

RECORDING AVAILABLE - Cat Trebilco explains strategies for short-term resilience, and how to manage those challenging situations in the moment...

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Handout: Using NLP for Resilience

What will you learn

Learn about both short-term and long-term resilience, the types of situations where you need each, and a range of different NLP strategies to build your resilience, from statement management, to mindset changes, to self-care.

Who is this for

Anyone who would like to learn about resilience. If you're new to NLP, don't worry, I'll start with the basics. If you're experienced in NLp, it'll serve as a useful reminder of things you may already know, or prompt a different application of things you already know.

Your Trainer

Cat Trebilco
Cat Trebilco (member article)

NLP Training (including Diploma, Practitioner and Master Practitioner), Individual Coaching and Walking/Coaching Retreats. Based in Edinburgh.