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Darren Diprose

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Phone Number07826 729655
Practice/Training LocationsNLP Practitioner Swindon
NLP Practitioner Wiltshire
NLP Practitioner Harley Street
Life Coaching Harley Street
Life Coaching Wiltshire

I am a fully certified NLP Practitioner practicing from Harley Street and across the Wiltshire area. I offer Life coaching services out of Harley Street, Swindon, Cheltenham and Wiltshire.

I also have over 22 years recovery from addiction and have worked with clients suffering from addiction for nearly 20 years. I offer highly specialised NLP addiction recovery services. Find out more at

I am good at what i do and i expect my clients to match my commitment and energy.

In return i offer an environment that is safe, compassionate and where together we can identify what's holding you back in life.

A bit about my own journey.

At the age of 25 i found myself homeless, penniless and at the lowest point in my life...i felt hopeless and had reached rock bottom. I made a decision to change and that decision has led me to achieve 2 degrees from one of the leading universities in the UK and to go onto work with some of the largest companies in the world.

I am currently on the senior leadership team of a global FTSE 100 company.

From as far back as I can remember I felt like there was something different about me.

When I say different I mean, well, I looked like everyone else but i FELT different. I was aware that on a fundamental level that I was not good enough.

So here's part of the story which led me here.

The trouble is, as a young man, I was unable to make sense of how different and inadequate I felt and so I did what all human beings do which is to create a script for a movie about my life.

This script comprised of a series of values and beliefs about myself and the world which if I followed them, and behaved accordingly, allowed me to feel a level of certainty and comfort in the familiar outcome.

An example of this was that at school I discovered that I found it hard to write in a joined up manner and so my teacher pulled me out of the class to have “special” lessons. The belief I formed about myself was that I am stupid and not clever. This felt real for me and was a strong belief that continuously drove me to try hard to “get it right” and to NEVER make mistakes.

This belief manifested in many ways, one of which was that I didn’t revise for my exams and left school with no qualifications. I had failed before I even tried because I believed myself lacking in intelligence.

Another example was that my mother died at the age of 17 and I interpreted this as that people close to me die, leave or abandon me........I couldn’t make sense of it.

I subsequently developed relationships which reinforced my belief that people leave me.......i know now that I chose people where it was inevitable they would leave me, if they didn’t, I behaved in a way that made it inevitable. The result of course was that it reinforced my belief that I am not good enough and that people always leave me.

One day I woke up! A series of events happened that led me to a point where, and i didn’t realise this at the time, i cried out, “I can’t live like this”. This is the point where my life changed..........where I changed! Quite simply i discovered that i could become free of my conditioning and achieve my dreams!


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