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Reb Veale

Membership LevelTrainer Member
Phone Number+44(0)7790885086
Practice/Training LocationsGloucester, Gloucestershire,
Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Cyprus, Athens (Greece), Dublin, Berlin, Essaouira (Morocco), South Africa, Wiltshire, the Cotswolds, West Midlands, Birmingham, South Midlands, South West, Bristol, Wales borders & the Marches, Cardiff, Midlands,

November 2019

17th - 20th Nov 2019mBIT Coach Certification
28th Nov - 1st Dec 2019mBIT Coach Certification

December 2019

5th - 8th Dec 2019mBIT Coach Certification

January 2020

23rd - 26th Jan 2020mBIT Coach Certification
30th Jan - 2nd Feb 2020mBIT Coach Certification

February 2020

13th - 16th Feb 2020mBIT Coach Certification

March 2020

19th - 22nd Mar 2020NLP Practitioner module 1

April 2020

16th - 19th Apr 2020NLP Practitioner module 2

May 2020

7th - 10th May 2020NLP Practitioner module 3

June 2020

4th - 7th Jun 2020NLP Practitioner module 4


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