Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson

Helping introverts feel equipped to find the success they want in the workplace

Do you feel being an introvert is holding you back in the workplace?  

Do you want to achieve that next step and fulfil your potential but feel something is holding you back?   Whatever your situation I can help you go further and faster.

I will work with you to help you become more self-aware and gain new skills to enable you to achieve your goals.

After 30 years in financial services, I have changed the direction of my career overcoming barriers to become a successful coach.

As an experienced Toastmaster, I love the challenge of public speaking and helping others overcome their fears and release their inner public speaker.


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Want to change where you are going?

I offer a 3 months programme for £495.  This will start with:

-helping you understand what is holding you back and change these limiting beliefs then

- creating clarity on what your goals are, once you are clear on these

-developing clear plans to move towards your goals

- start implementing the plans and learn how to adapt so you achieve.

To arrange an initial discussion please email me at [email protected]








Specialist skills

  • Career Change
  • Confidence Building
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Mentoring
  • Presentation Skills
  • Public Speaking

Spoken languages

  • English

Practice/Training Locations

Romford, London, Essex one-2-one calls

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[Name withheld]

Got me moving forward

When I came to Brian for help, I already knew how to prioritise, plan organise, etc, but I felt stuck, frustrated and unsure of how to move forward in key areas of my life.

Brian helped me to see what genuinely excites me and drives me and what was holding me back from making progress in these things.

During this process I discovered some things about myself that surprised me and encouraged me.

Brian helped me to filter out the noise and distractions in my life and get me moving forward on those things that really matter to me.

Sophie R.

12 weeks well spent

For the past 12 weeks, working with Brian helped me:
- to identify that by changing the language I was using it helped me to move towards my goals or deal with some situations differently
- to break down my goals in manageable chunks
- to identify things I was doing well (It is easier to focus on things you are doing badly sometimes)
- to revisit my tool box for alternative ways of dealing with certain situations or difficulties
- to gain some insight on certain behaviours/things I used to do that did not served me any longer
Brian showed empathy, congruence and professionalism all the way through. I wish him all the best.
Thank you
Sophie R.

A useful guide with fresh ideas to help you take control of your relationship with the boss.

Reviewing: Is Your Boss Mad? The Definitive Guide to Coping with Your Boss

Ever been confused when that great interview didn't turn into a great job and why your boss changed?

This book explores how this happens and using different boss profiles help you first understand where your boss is coming from and secondly what you can do differently.

She explains that neither of you are mad and how you can understand why they behave as they do. When you understand this you are then able to pick the appropriate actions to create the change you need to succeed.

If you are working with a manager who has been promoted but not trained for their new role this book provides you with ideas to you both to thrive.

Its a book I wish I had read at the start of my career so I knew it wasn't me or them. Reading through the case studies I recognised some of the people I have worked for and wish I had been equipped with the ideas in this book.

A place to look for the answer to your counselling training question Full review

Reviewing: A Student's Guide to Therapeutic Counselling

A book aimed at learners on a Level 4 counselling Diploma courses written in an accessible conversational question and answer style.

As you work through the chapters you will encounter answers to most of the questions you could think of and encounter a series of reflective and thoughtful exercises to help you dig deep into the questions you have.

I found the book very helpful in encouraging me to evaluate the key issues you face as I explore what it means to be a qualified coach.

It feels like a valuable addition to my reading material and to the counselling course and is something to dip into many times in the future.

A book to help create the language your client needs to hear

Reviewing: Metaphors in Mind: Transformation Through Symbolic Modelling

The subtitle "Transformation through symbolic modelling" sets the expectation for this book with the use of technical words throughout. The book's structure makes it easy to use to deep in and out of.

As I was drawn into understanding the power of clean language I was struck by how this reflects my coaching sessions. When not imposing my model of the world on my clients they get a more powerful understanding of theirs.

The book takes you on a journey through the simplicity of the five developing questions and four moving time questions of clean language. You can simply stop at this point and experience the power of these questions to create change and reflection.

When you are ready you can continue your journey through the chapters to build on your use of clean questions to help your clients find the answers.

The extensive use of transcripts from sessions to draw out the use and impact of the questions brings alive the text and helps embed the learning.

The language in the book is technical and academically focussed which creates a barrier for the average person to access.

Overall it is a reference book I will refer to many times in the future.

Finding Square Holes - Discover who you really are and find the perfect career

Reviewing: Finding Square Holes

Feeling unsure whether we are working for the right company or even pursuing the right career for us is something I have found is very common. This book will take you on a journey to help you understand what your values are and where you should look to work.

This is a practical book which breaks the process of finding your ideal career into 3 stages. Firstly it takes you through reflecting on where you are and what you have already achieved then it helps you understand yourself better, what is really important to you. The final practical stage provides you with the tools to make that move to your perfect career.

I found reading through this book I needed to make time to read and reflect at each stage as I worked through the chapters. It is not a book to be rushed to get the real value of all the clearly explained practical exercises.

I found myself deliberating making time at the end of each chapter to work through and reflect on the exercises. Personally, I have benefited from taking the opportunity to revisit some of the exercises to discover somethings I didn't know about myself.

The book neatly helps you understand how to find that square hole you will fit in. Explaining that we often choose the round hole that rubs our corners.

The book is written in an easy to read style and is a helpful tool to help you move on in your life. I expect it will be one of those books I share with others and re-read again.