Other NLP Definitions

Everyone involved in NLP could create their own definition of what NLP means to them.

Our members & Associates have come up with their own definitions, that succinctly describe NLP as they see it:

"The art and science of how people communicate & influence and the effect that has on the other person." Trevor Graeme Wilkins

"Neuro is all about what we think. Linguistic is all about what we say (verbally and non verbally) and Programming is all about what we do. So NLP is the study of what wethink, say and do." Lindsay Agness

"NLP is discovering how we do, what we do and how to do it even better" Nick Kemp

"Having the curiosity to notice what works for yourself and others, the flexibility to adapt your thinking and behaviour to that, and the ethics to only do that which generates more choice and good outcomes for those affected." Reb Veale


" NLP has helped me get back to the me that was there before the world got in the way" Tony Wright


"NLP is a toolkit of powerful techniques and strategies to effectively experience, communicate and serve as a catalyst for change. To be used (and marketed) effectively,  for me it requires a vehicle such as training, consultancy or coaching - in the same way that a chassis together with a high performance engine still require a set of wheels." Kris Robertson, Operations Director, The Coaching Academy


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