Published in Rapport 70 - Spring 2021

Rapport 70 - Spring 2021

In this celebratory issue of Rapport we look back on the breadth and depth of reporting that Rapport has achieved over 70 wonderful issues. We feature a wonderful article by Michael Dunlop, Leanne McCafferty & Lynn McKeown 'Taking Care of Those Who Take Care of Others' for our NLP Inspirations segment ; Emma McNally shares an article with us on 'TPP (Trauma Perceptive Practice) & NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)' ; Eve Menezes-Cunningham explores ‘Celebrating Life's Milestones'; and Ian McDermott and Robert Dilts share an article about 'ANLP - A Model of Fellowship?'; Kris Hallbom shares an article with us on 'Dynamic Spin Release' and Kevin Downsworth looks at the connection between 'Yoga and NLP' for our Health and Wellbeing segment. This issue also features the bonus NLP International Conference insert, plus all our regular features.